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100pcs/Pack RV1.25-6 Vinyl-Insulated Ring Type Terminal Lug

100pcs/Pack RV1.25-6 Vinyl-Insulated Ring Type Terminal Lug


Ring tips isolated RV, O-type terminals or crimp terminals-Serve to provide a collapsible quality contact connection conductors cross section: 0,25-1,65 mm², maximum current strength: 19A. Ring diameter under screw or bolt: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.

The tips are made of tinned copper, the insulation material is self-fading polyvinyl chloride, PVC. Tips are used when mounting copper and aluminum single and multi-core wires and cables.

The tips are fixed on the veins by crimping (crimping) over the insulation sleeve, for a better connection. This is used crimping tool-crimper, press pliers.

For the correct selection of tip type, the following criteria should be taken into account: section of the core, current strength, size under the screw or bolt.

Main features:

-Cetrfication: SGS test report, CE, ISO9001

-Type: ring tip

-Material: tinned copper + PVC

-Color: Red Blue Yellow

-Maximum permissible current: 19 amps (a)

-Wire crimping range: AWG 22-16 (0,25-1,65 mm²)

-Inner hole diameter: 3.7mm (M3), 4.3mm (M4), 5.3mm (M5), 6.4mm (M6), 8.4mm (M8) 10.5mm (M10), 12.6mm (M12)





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