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Crimping tool

Crimping tool is a kind of hardware tool used to cut metal materials, it is also often called wire clamp.The function of crimping tool is complete, it can be used to cut metal, strip wire or press wire.


Crimping Tool Characteristics:

(1) the crimping tool is generally made of high carbon steel, which has a long service life and has been quenched.

(2) the unique design of crimping tool is in place, which can effectively save power and improve the efficiency of work.

(3) each production step of the crimping tool is strictly controlled, which is the embodiment of excellence.

(4) some crimping tools can be adjusted by ratchet wheel, which can meet the needs and strength of consumers. It is very considerate.

(5) the handle of the crimping tool is made of glue-wrapped material, which feels comfortable and does not easily make users feel tired.

      And it should be noted that although the crimping tool function is very complete, but it can not be used for iron wire or steel wire such as hard materials in the shear. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the use of crimping tool, avoiding wire thread flying wounded users or others.

     Crimping tool is mainly used for various insulated connectors, cable terminals and wire presser modules, which can effectively keep crimping tool in standard state.

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