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by:MKS     2020-07-09
National Textile Product Development said Binhong director of the Center, 'I hope Chinese enterprises in this process, fabric is quickly growing up and continue to move near the end markets.' Fabric accreditation activities attest to the progress of the enterprise to explore the development direction, it will also disclose existing problems in the industry, leaving us to contemplate. Strengths and gaps where? 'The business can feel the fabric on the Chinese market awareness is growing, fewer features showtime unrealistic stack increases, the most of them from the fabric to be able to think of the clothing sector can be used.' Many experts shortlisted fabrics made in such evaluation. This is the enterprise fabric gradually maturing. Binhong Talk: 'The finalists in each category, compared with fabrics, we see a group of prominent business, they'll have a good mix of technology and art together.' But how to make more in line with market demand fabric, that the existing benefits of development to the next step in the efforts. specific gaps where? The judges comments focused on the color and seriation. Provident Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong pure Director of the Center closed, spoke of fabric you want to have influence on the scene, the color is to seize an important aspect in the eyes of the people, the color is used inappropriately, are along the side of a fabric from another business trend sense of 'less steak.' Clothing & Accessories Co., Ltd. Design Director Maya Nuo Zhang Chao that 'the exercise of the fabrics in its product approach is too cautious, products, lack of family feeling.' Fabric design is actually serialized to meet the needs of downstream markets, as is the current development of clothing also serial modes of operation. China 100% original? What is the original designer of China competitor, or just outside one copy? Most of the material difficult to make the judgments. Binhong also referred repeatedly to this problem, though organizers said that the sample collection stage now to verify that 11 companies, but not such an unreasonable concern. Because the assessment of the scene, a wealth of experience to find a skeleton with a full copy buyers outside of a single fabric. Of course, the fundamental assumption that the primary business needs fabric, how to design, cleverly integrated into all aspects of Chinese origin, so that the fabric style, reflecting the Chinese taste, this is a big challenge. Metersbonwe Group Managing Director, Deputy General Manager Wei-Dong Xu The identification, in his view, South Korea, Japan, is that the specific characteristics of the fabric of step by step in the domestic market, 'grinding out', the Chinese fabrics original ones, fabrics and companies working closely with the clothing brand key. Weidong Xu told reporters talk about their part in the development of multiple pre fabrics, such as Smith Barney, the summer T shirt fabric used is usually 20 or 40 yarn, yarn, single design specifications would also be limited, he chose have yarn 26, a simple change in the number of yarn in the presence of different clothing styles. From this perspective, must be domestic companies and fashion designers fabric immediately after the time going on, but really not so simple. The designers present also spoke with reporters this question, the enterprises existing garment buying house most of the commercial being fabric, but also for this reason that designers want to express the inspiration from the fabrics tend to be subject to the limitations of the discourse has also revealed a bit of frustration. How to realize the value of the fabric? Fabric debate on the value of the site due to the 'Comprehensive Award' of the assessment, the argument focuses on two fabrics: one double jacquard fabric, polyester, Tencel blended fabric, patterns simplicity; 2 is 100% cotton, hot glue on the plus black float process, rich in Baroque style retro. Support the jury that the first matter, there is a complex process but is innovative, value of production increased, in line with the middle market segment, the brand can achieve economies of scale, and the second block of support from judges that the framework will be high value for the individual product to be rather high end clothing brands, China is now precisely the lack of such designs. Li Lang (China) Co., Ltd. designer fabrics included in the second paragraph of the text wave is a 'supporter' in his view, follow the fashion brand will be the occupation of the people to fix now, the men home on a lack of real luxury , inspired by this section, encouraging creative fabric. 'Quantify the amount of benefits' brand 'into individual items of high value' and Who can show real value of the fabric? The focus of the debate is not new, it can be said that some cliche, but the original intention of the debate to seek the unity of values, only the two values, greater clarity in future. Binhong raised the final summary of the theme of the debate: 'We are moving to the textile and power, the Chinese clothing brands on the international market of certain market share, and adopt the European and U.S. markets consistent with the development of quantitative or high? development by the end? Both views representative of the Chinese textile industry's future development direction. '
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