Any sort of health ailment during holidays can

by:MKS     2020-07-21
Plan Ahead Mapping out everything in advance is a way to happy vacations. Get a holiday travel guide for the destination you intend to visit and check out information regarding climate, environment and health risks prevalent at the destination. There are some countries where fatal diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B are more frequent than UK. Be careful in such places. Pack Smart Always pack smart for averting unfortunate situations. Be well equipped with a medical kit including prescriptions, health insurance cards, travel insurance documents, sunblock, insect repellent, electrolyte packets, anti-diarrhoea tablets and painkillers. Have a Proper Diet Healthy diet is paramount to health body. It becomes all the more important when you are on a trip abroad. It is better to avoid heavy meals, acidic food and other dairy products that can lead to upset stomach. Avoid consuming alcohol and eating unhygienic food from unsafe eating joints and street stalls. Be careful in deciding an eating place and pick food with healthy contents. Do not consume raw vegetables, unpeeled fruits, meat, seafood and unpasteurized milk. Get a Sound Sleep Everyday Sound sleep invigorates the mind and body and it is must for every traveller. A satisfying nap helps in the replenishment of the energy lost during sightseeing tours. In order to minimize jet-lag, at least 8 hour sleep is must for every traveller grabbing cheap airline tickets. Drink Safe & Plenty of Water Dehydration is a common health issue faced by travellers but can be easily overcome by drinking plenty of water. Try to stock your hotel room with water bottles and always keep water while on sightseeing trips. In addition, stay conscious of the quality of water. Avoid drinking tap water and have mineral water only. When in doubt, use iodine drops or chlorine tablets for treating the water. Keep Low-Fat Snacks Make sure to keep some low-fat snacks for dealing with hunger pangs during flights and sightseeing tours. This will ensure that you do not look for food at unhygienic places for that extra boost of energy. Carry healthy snacks which are low in fat and high in fibre, ranging from nuts, almonds, raw food energy bars, cookies, crackers and dense dry food. Wash Hands Often Travellers who book cheap airline tickets and look forward to some wonderful fun filled days can save them a lot of health trouble by just keeping their hands clean. It is useful to carry anti-bacterial products like bottles of alcohol based hand sanitizer and wet wipes. Avoid Suspected Allergenic Foods If you have doubts regarding the quality of food then try to avoid it. Resist the urge of sampling street side concoctions as it will protect you from the allergic reactions of unhygienic food.
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