Are the half mask respirators better than the

by:MKS     2020-07-17
The full face respirators come in with state of the art design and help in lowering the breathing resistance. The nose cup helps in reducing the fogging and the faceplate that comes in silicone works towards enhancing the comfort levels. These masks come in single port and also with a standard thread filter for connection. There is the wrap around lens which is scratch resistant and facilitates wider field of vision. There are the adjustable straps that offer consistent fit at all types. A few of these masks are reusable and a few are disposable too. There are wide arrays of these respirators that are available through the online stores. Browsing through the catalogs on the online stores will give a fair understanding to the buyer as to which one would be ideal for his nature of work. There are the 7500 series, 6000 series, 6800 series, 7800 series and many more options available to the buyer. There are different brands too like the popular 3M that offer an expansive range of both half mask respirators as well as full face respirators. A few of these are Organic vapor respirators that come in as 3M 5000 series which are ideal for intermittent respirator wearers. This means that their job does not call for regular wearing of the respirators but only an occasional wearing. The half mask respirators are manufactured in such a way that they come in with cartridges that are permanently attached and facilitate great ease of use. There is absolutely no maintenance needed at all for these masks and can be happily used for protection from a myriad range of vapors and gases that may otherwise be harmful to the person when inhaled. A certain kind of particulates and organic vapors are found to create a lot of havoc in the lives of these workers and hence wearing the half mask respirators or the full face respirators becomes a must. Where the full face respirators offer full protection to the face the half mask respirators cover only the nose and mouth in order to filter out particles and gases and in a few cases both. When people use the half mask respirators they will be able to have direct vision but in the full face respirators they will have to see through the mask. So, this may be irritating for a few people and if it is not warranted, they would definitely prefer to go with the half mask ones. Check out the collection that is available at Supply Line Direct, the online store for a whole lot of safety equipment and janitorial supplies and many more too.
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