As healthcare workers it is very important to

by:MKS     2020-07-19
In a kind of setting a healthcare workers has, guidelines on proper hand hygiene and hand antisepsis are provided. There are specific recommendations designed for improved hand hygiene practices that will help reduce spread of infection-causing pathogenic microorganisms, including use of agents that are effective for HCW hand-washes or surgical hand-scrub preparations. Subsequently, health organizations are pushing campaigns of proper and improved hand hygiene. But still, there are hospitals that perform poorly in this regard, lacking enough motivation to provide and regularly refill hand gels and sanitizers. Unfortunately we say that some of the healthcare workers do simply disregard the dangers that they carry in their hands. If you're a nurse or a physician, make sure your patients don't contract any infection due to your dirty hands. Assuming the hospital where you're working does not regularly provide soaps and hand gels, it will very noble to bring your own. A hand sanitizer inside the patch pockets of your medical scrubs or lab coat will also save a lot of troubles. The type of hand-wash to use may depend on what you just held with your hands. After a surgery, it is just necessary to wash off your hands with surgical hand-scrub preparations of course, and apply another antibacterial solution as recommended. If you a patient simply visited you for his or her regular check up, alcohol or hand sanitizer may be enough. When there is blood in doctor's hands because of performing a surgery, the blood sends a clear message about what the doctor should do next. But the problem in healthcare-associated infections isn't about attending to a patient after a surgical operation is done with the other patient. It lies with the everyday course of physicians and nurses. When you practice sanitizing your hands before attending to a patient or any person, it will be best if you infect your colleagues with your habit. A measure of protection is necessary, especially that the patient's immune system is weak because of the current health problem. Keep an alcohol, sanitizer or hand gel close. It would be hard and it needs a lot of courage to do this, but ask the attending doctor or nurse if he or she washed hands already and offer them the alcohol or sanitizer. Never hesitate to do this, it's your life that's at risk, remember. Washing hands is very important especially when taking care of patients. We must make sure that every basic thing in cleaning hands and other parts of our body. Most of the infections contracted in the hospital can be prevented with regular hand washing; may our healthcare workers keep that in mind. Who wants to be sick, anyway?
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