As more and more people are obsessed with 3D, IMAX

by:MKS     2020-07-09
Not to mention the remote video conferencing, the need for high-end equipment, specifically the remote video conference rooms, professional staff debugging, it seems to be the monopoly of large companies. Right now,laptop battery,you still can not imagine, remote video can also be part of your life. Sitting on the connected computer or TV before, you can call a few friends to help you select the most suitable clothing dating tonight, you can clearly see whether the parents across the Atlantic added a few gray hairs. Yeh, general manager of Greater China in the New Year seems LifeSize, multi-party remote video conferencing should be down 'luxury' high platform and into small companies and family life, at home, in restaurants, on the road, any communication can be more fun dripping. LifeSize video communications is a U.S. company, in November 2009 was the world's largest mouse maker Logitech to 405 million purchase price for the expansion of the video conferencing market. New Leaf, said the video's clarity over the years remain in the 'twilight' stage, because to lose the remote signal transmission capacity and quality of the video, more video ports, image quality will drop. Want to make multiple remote high-definition video into the small and medium enterprises, the average family, it is necessary to solve these technical issues, but more importantly, need easy operation and low prices. For businesses, remote video conferencing system in the purchase of essential components, is often difficult to predict with the enlarged company, in the end to purchase the number of ports used to meet the needs of both without waste of resources. This contradiction existed for many years for many IT administrators are hard, never know how much is the best. LifeSize through 'modular' architecture made this issue a simple, 16-port product to break the 'one place' embarrassing, if companies need to increase the port, through the 'building block' approach to add on it, this is more simple deployment and flexible use of resources and streamlining the economy to keep pace line. For the average home user,Asus A7U battery,it is only the need to purchase the core system to meet the demand for household use. Ye said the New Year, the traditional remote video system peripheral products for more, so prices remain high. In addition, the multi-distance high-definition video requires high bandwidth into the home is the biggest obstacle. LifeSize decided to move away a piece of 'big rock', leaves the New Year, said, 'LifeSize is not just for business users interested individuals from the large-scale video conferencing to the desktop terminal, LifeSize products can be used in a variety of needs to narrow the distance between people place. 'So, LifeSize Video Center will be reduced to a minimum standard of bandwidth requirements 2G, which for a lot of good community infrastructure, the multi-distance high-definition videos that have been in the family can use. 'Chairman of the board no longer need to convene the meeting room gathered around the manager, sitting on my couch at home to connect via video conference devised strategies, winning a thousand miles away. Ordinary users can also be held about a time online friends, you can see in people around the world in the same screen. 'This is New Leaf Imagination for the home market.In fact, the United States Ge Lubo Minnesota School of Business has been the first to try this more convenient video technology in the school's Web site, professors and students of video butt page has ascended the throne of hits first, when the students need Professor's help, you can click on the video invitation, Professor,Asus S6 battery,and Professor of ready access to 'face to face' exchange opportunities.
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