As workers, we usually do not let a little sniffle

by:MKS     2020-07-19
Fortunately there are several ways to prevent or at least lessen the spread of disease and maintain a healthy workplace. You can start by actually not reporting for work when you've contracted an illness. But if it cannot be avoided, then follow these simple steps to prevent spreading your disease at work: Preventing the spread of diseases can be as simple as covering your face when you cough or sneeze. A sneeze can travel 3 to 4 miles per hour until it hits a hard surface. This means the germs in it will be on the move until something stops them. So when you a cough or colds, make sure you have a hanky or tissue on hand all the time. Wash your hands. The importance of proper hand washing cannot be stressed enough. Disease-causing germs can spread in the workplace via papers and other office equipment that a sick employee touched. Thus, it is important to wash hand thoroughly with soap and water. It takes about 30 seconds for soap to work effectively so the longer you scrub your hands that more effective you are at taking out germs. To help prevent the spread of disease causing germs in the office, some companies install hand sanitizer machines all over their offices to make it easier for employees to remain germ free. Some companies took it one step further and installed 'touchless' dispensers so employees won't even have to lay a hand on these machines. Most companies also launch campaigns that provide flu shots to give employees' immune system a boost. However, flu shots will only work if the strain of the flu that is in the vaccine matches the strain of the virus that is spreading. Viruses mutate quickly so strains are hard to track. If the strains do not match, the flu won't work and the immune system gets compromised. An alternative is to offer your employees a B-12 shot. Stress causes the body to release chemicals that prevent immune system activity. Vitamin B-12 is a known stress reducer and energy booster. Vitamin B-12 boosts health by aiding the immune system. This is especially helpful to middle-aged employees. Of course your heating and cooling ventilation systems ought to be cleaned regularly to prevent disease causing germs from being transported all over the office. Bacteria that cause Legionnaire's disease grow on cooling towers. Cooling towers should be drained when not in use and biocides should be used to kill the bacteria. Also, make sure that your office temperature and humidity reduces the risk of many diseases. Disease-causing agents thrive on moisture. Keep the humidity inside your office below 60 percent to prevent the growth of molds and fungus.
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