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by:MKS     2020-07-02
We have entered into the business of cable management products with specialization in the field of Heat Shrinkable range of products. There we deal into the manufacturing and supplying of Heat Shrink Tube India. Being Heat Shrinkable Tubing Manufacturer, we cater to a wide range of customer requirements through our excellent service support. Over the years we have expanded our product offerings for our clients with the timely delivery of the services. Many corporations, big or small, choose us as their suppliers and keen to be associated with our services. At Yamuna Cable Accessories Pvt. Ltd, we are commited to provide the highest quality Heat Shrink Tubing, with the most dedicated team of design engineers who takes care of specifications of these products. Therefore, we are speacilised in providing the best selection of heat shrink tubing accessories and products and offer our clients maximum benefits with our customised solutions. Our Heat Shrinkable Tubing products are durable and it has been tested at every step of manufacturing. As for the functionality of these Heat Shrinkable Tubing products are concerned they are accessable enough to work for long time without any discrepancies. Thus, the company makes an effort to give you the quality assurance with the quality certification in order to ensure high reliability in use. Our purpose is to supply world class heat shrink tubing products and accessories meeting all the required standards and maintaining the good relations with our customers. Our products are all certified and are in conformance with various International standards, such as IS, BS, IEC, DIN, VDE etc. Once you will visit to our company website you will find all the information and specifications you need about the Heat Shrink Tubing products we manufacture and supply all over the world. We also take into consideration for the stocks of our heat shrink tubing accessories and products. Thus do not delay in our delivering of the products and maintain our services with our clients. We provide a wide range of Heat Shrinkable Tubing products which you can easily find it on our website such as Heat Shrinkable Tubing Heat Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Rain Sheds, Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking Breakout Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking Straight Boot , Heat Shrinkable Anti Tracking Tubing , etc. We constantly work to develop better solutions fo rour clients in order to provide them with the high quality products at competitive prices. We always take care of the turn around time for the delivery of the products and meet all our customers specific requirements of Heat Shrink Tubing products. The products which we provide is always certified ,tested and recognized in meeting the requirements of many international quality. Therefore, we can satisfy our customer demand through our efficient distribution network and commitment to customer satisfaction. Presently we products are used in a multitude of different applications for wire harnesses and cable assemblies. Our Heat Shrink Tubing products are available in different material types and several shrink ratios with differnt properties. Being among the Heat Shrinkable Tubing Manufacturer, we are serving since years with our best services and committed to provide with the high quality of Heat Shrink Tube India, where our customers rely on us completely and we in turn give consistent,experienced and excellent product service through our oversea distributors and agents. For more query please visit :
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