Cosmetics cover a wide range of beauty products

by:MKS     2020-07-18
The word 'cosmetic' is an umbrella term for a lot of different items that aim to enhance the look or smell of somebody. Products include make-up, perfumes, skin cream, and deodorant and even hand sanitizer amongst many others. Everybody will own at least one product from this never ending collection. Most women and men of today's modern world could not survive without certain products. Having all of these readily available is beneficial however, as it can offer people a confidence boost. A countless amount of people today cannot leave the house without having carried out a full face wash routine before applying a full face of make-up. The early use of such products was first seen in Egypt around 3500 BC which is no surprise when you look at the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and pictures. They always wore black eyeliner which is depicted in exaggerated lines. They used mercury and lead however which are both poisonous substances and would never be acceptable for use today. Make-up was not always seen in the good light which it is viewed today. During the 19th century it was highly frowned upon by Church leaders. Women however would quietly rebel and did not take any notice of this as they aimed for a 'pale and interesting' look, by putting whatever white powder they could find onto their faces. In the same century Queen Victoria declared her feelings on the matter publicly and stated how much she disliked this look and it should only be used by actors. By the mid, 20th century cosmetics had become extremely popular and were being used by women all over the world, in every country. In today's society you can be frowned upon for not wearing make-up as it is pretty much the norm in a lot of countries. Even men today sometimes wear a form of make-up such as concealer, and use skin care products such as moisturizer. The worldwide expenditure on beauty products in this day and age is just under $20 million! If you can manage to crack successfully into this industry you could stand to make some serious money. However if you just like to buy it and want to find new products, look in any shop today and you will be bowled over by the numerous products available, all of which are designed to enhance existing looks.
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