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by:MKS     2020-07-21
Wet wipes, hand sanitizer products, soap and tissue dispensers, bathroom tissues, paper napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, personal toilet seat cover systems, odour neutralizers and other cleaning solutions form the product basket offered by Greenlime, facilitating a clean living and working atmosphere. It is one of the few companies that provide convenient, handy, portable as well as affordable products to the masses. This ensures a clean, safe and hygienic living, no matter where you go. Hygiene on a journey has always been a difficult thing to maintain. Greenlime has taken this issue into special consideration and has come up with numerous innovative hygiene solutions to ensure a clean and safe journey wherever you go with its pocket packs of hand sanitizers, facial tissues and wet wipes. A common washroom can be home to teeming amounts of bacteria, capable of spreading diseases like Herpes and Crohn's Disease. Greenlime's disposable toilet seat covers guarantee protection from such infections. This innovative product not only ensures complete personal cleanliness, but also a hygienic and germ-free toilet seat during high traffic conditions where the cleanliness of a washroom is questionable. Greenlime's toilet rolls are made with an advanced, hands-free technology and are Chlorine free making them safe for use on the skin. These 2-ply rolls are extremely soft, and disintegrate quickly in water to prevent clogged drains. As moist skin breeds bacteria, the tissue sheets keep your skin dry, ridding you of any worries as far as infections are concerned. Hand sanitizers and hand washes have been proven to be extensively useful by the common public on multiple occasions. But the fact that repeated use of inferior hand washes can lead to rashes and skin abrasions has evaded the common man from frequent use of such products. Greenlime's hand washes and liquid soaps, available in a choice of pleasant fragrances are created with a PH-controlled formulation, thus protecting the skin, its Vitamin E enriched moisture content not only helps condition the skin, but also lathers well in hard water. As an alternative for people visiting places with a limited water supply, Greenlime's hand sanitizers are equipped with moisturizers to keep your hands soft and smooth and effectively kill 99.9% of the bacteria. This product can be used multiple times during the day without having any side effects. All in all, Greenlime has been a holistic leader in the hygiene product industry. Coming up with new and improved hygiene solutions, making sure we live in a better, cleaner environment. To connect with the young minds travelling all over, Greenlime is also the most active hygiene solutions brand on social media networking. Through its Facebook and Twitter pages it urges the young minds to think hygiene and live infection free always. To reach the products to its networked fans, the brand also has an online shopping site -
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