If you are having a multimedia LCD or DLP projects

by:MKS     2020-07-16
And now a question rose in your mind that how can I replace a projection lamp. However, most of the people are thinking that it is one of the daunting tasks, but this is one of the easiest one, if you follow the tips properly. There are many websites in internet are offering some useful tips designed by projector lamp experts with detailed diagrams to help explain the major components of an average projector and replacement of dlp lamp. Most of the people are having little confusion over the difference between a lamp, burner, module and connectors, all of which are essential elements to understand when purchasing a projector lamp. Some companies do not sell the complete lamp module which can cause frustration and confusion for customers. Typically, when the audiovisual and IT industry refers to a projector lamp, they are actually talking about a complete projector lamp module, which includes a burner and reflector, plastic module housing and connectors. The Burner or High Intensity Discharge Bulb is placing inside a reflector creating a lamp. The lamp is then placed inside a housing or cage specifically designed for the projector. The lamp is then connected to the projector via connectors. When looking at a bare lamp in details, there are several major components: The front glass, the burner, and the reflector. Bare lamps are often sold on the open market, requiring the customer to install the bulb into their used module. Light is emitted when metal halide atoms in the High Intensity Discharge bulb (burner) are excited by an electrical discharge between two electrodes in the bulbous midsection of the bulb. Finally, there are some well known and reputed websites in internet are selling these projection lamps to their customers. For more information and details, please do not hesitate to visit their valuable website.
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