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by:MKS     2020-07-15
Battery problems When the laptop battery malfunctions, an immediate consequence in most cases is sudden power loss. Often power loss occurs due to a loose connection as well as dirty connectors. In some laptops, there is an in-built circuitry that keeps a close watch on the battery and withdraws power from it whenever the battery gets too heated up or displays high current. With time, most laptop batteries also lose the ability of getting charged to the fullest. One of the basic ways to fix computer battery problem is by cleaning the connectors and fitting the battery in the laptop once again to address the problem. Overheating issues Before your laptop screen became dead if you noticed that the cooling fan was working vigorously then chances are high that the machine switched itself off to avoid getting severely damage due to overheating. When the laptop is operating, it produces heat which needs to be dissipated with the help of multiple air vents that are present in the machine. At times, when these air vents get blocked due to accumulation of dirt, the heat produced by the machine cannot be dissolved. During such times, the device can shut itself down to reduce the chances of requiring a laptop repair. To resolve this issue, the cooling fan and the air vents needs to be cleaned to dissipate the heat. Electrical glitches In case if an AC adaptor was being used just before the laptop lost power, there might have been an electrical glitch somewhere through the line. The AC adaptor might have overloaded or the electrical outlet or a laptop component could have experienced a short circuit, thus preventing the machine from getting powered. In addition to this, the laptop connector at the back of the machine can also become loose which would interrupt the smooth flow of power. Test whether the power outlet is at fault by plugging the adaptor to a different outlet. Also, make sure all the connections of the laptop are tight. In case of a short circuit, take professional computer help.
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