In addition to training our canine friends, we

by:MKS     2020-07-22
First of all we need to be trained in the proper way to remember to bring our poop bags every time we venture out with our pets. By having a supply always available in our poop pouch, we no longer need to remember every time to grab the waste bags as we head out the door. We no longer need to remember to stuff them in our pockets with the real possibility of tearing them. Now they will always be available in our pouch which is designed to safely and securely carry dog poop bags and other needed items. So we need to occasionally remember to place a supply in our accessory pouch. We also need to always have the dog pouch attached to our leash or sitting nearby to quickly grab as we head out the door. New awareness, but easy! Secondly, we must be trained in our methods of picking up and then carrying dog poop. The pick-up part is rather simple - we all know this. Invert the bag, scoop, re-invert the bag, tie it and we think we are done. But we are not! The new training is to now realize the huge load of germs present in this bag. These include bacteria, parasites, worms and their eggs. It is a load that must be protected. So casually carrying dog waste bags down the street will no longer be acceptable. We must safely and securely protect this load of feces and germs, and the best way to do so is to gently place it in an interior pocket of a poop pouch. This will also remove the ugly bag from the view of everyone, including ourselves. New and safer view, but easy! Thirdly, we must be trained in what to do next. We thought we were done? No! What do we do after using toilet facilities, even if we didn't touch anything? We wash our hands. Canine feces carry a much larger load of pathogens than human feces, so washing our hands after handling dog poop is only simple common sense. Even if we didn't touch anything. Since we are not near soap and water, hand sanitizer is our only available option. Having a small bottle always available in our poop pouch that carries our dog poop bags is our best option. This new training is very healthy, but easy! Finally, we must be trained in realizing that there are accessory pouches that will carry more than our dog waste bags. Some not only carry our hand sanitizer which is, of course, always needed. They also have room for dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets, cell phones, keys, and even a dog poop bags dispenser. Evaluating the many fashionable and available options is training worth considering. This new training for picking up dog waste will make our lives more convenient, and it is easy!
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