In the age where hand sanitizer rules and we are

by:MKS     2020-07-18
Every day when you head off to work, you are bombarded with staircases and escalators. These steps come along with hand rails to help people keep their balance. However, that also means that at any given moment you can touch anyone else's germs. Along with hand rails are elevator buttons. They fall into the same category. You spend every day in your kitchen cooking meals for your family and keeping them healthy. While you cook and prepare, germs are spreading. However, you probably think that you are cleaning it all up with the bleach that you spray on the counter. There is one spot that you are forgetting though and that is your sink. When you put the dishes in the sink those germs will spread throughout the sink and you are then touching the same germs that you thought you just cleaned everywhere else. This one will probably gross you out the most. When you are folding your clean clothes you probably think that they are clean. Well, sorry to burst that bubble, but they are not. All you essentially did was spread matter throughout your wash. Yep, cycle after cycle you are continuing to contaminate your laundry with your undergarments. Make sure you clean your washer. I know that sounds weird. Look it up. Do you love catching up with your friends for hours on end? Well, it has been proven that your phone has more bacteria on it than you bathroom toilet. Yea, think about that mental picture. You carry your phone everywhere you go so therefore it will catch germs from whatever you put it in contact with. This may be the one thing you want to clean on the regular. One final germ ridden item to leave you with and that is money. Yea that thing that you use every day to pay for items is full of everyone else's germs. This includes all paper money coins, and even your credit cards. As you can tell, there are things that you come in contact with everyday that can make you sick. By protecting yourself you can warn off illness. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to get proper health insurance and make sure that it is affordable for you and your family. Most companies will offer their employees group health insurance at affordable prices. Talk to your HR specialist for more information.
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