Inside the lunch box of an Aussie kid in the 90s

by:MKS     2020-02-28
Do you remember the food after 90 s?
Lunch boxes in Australia have changed a lot since the 1990 s.
Source: Australian news group 1990 is the golden age of Australian lunch boxes.
With the country bravely moving towards the new millennium, the emergence of the Internet has opened up a new world of mass media marketing for children.
My friends and I were completely immersed in the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channels, and executives in the food industry quickly realized that they could make money easily together --
Strengthen our wise parents and sell us their saturated sugary garbage directly.
All of a sudden, the new beauty products are on the shelves, and the colors, sugar, taste and little plastic toys dazzle me and my young friends.
We never had a chance.
Every shopping trip is stuck in a desperate attempt to convince mom to buy the latest LCM bar --
Stick together with cereals and glue syrup to form a bar
Or big bags of \"kids\"
My new Barbie zipround lunch box has chips of the size (
FYI) comes with a built-in food divider and an external beverage bottle strap. The sugar-free, gluten-free, fun-
The free lunch today may tear me down.
Picture: Jeremy VeitchSource: Today\'s suppliers will shudder at our lunch box at the time, but I believe the post-90 s is an extraordinary time for the marketing industry to take steroids, no one cares about plastic packaging or chemicals in our food, the more processed your lunch is, the more colorful you and your companions are on the street.
What do we have, kid?
If your mom doesn\'t send you to school in her 90 s, at least send you a pack of cheese and bacon balls, a pop top and some oval balls, so please don\'t bother us.
Every snack has a gimmick and we want every one.
Tube, sachet, dip stick, cone, plastic toy, color container-
Everything is bigger, brighter, sweeter, and makes us laugh.
Until the next thing happens.
Only the most children have limited edition hot girls lunch boxes and warm bottles . . . . . . Yes, that child is me.
Image: @ The90sLifeSource: I am in pain from the supplier when I think of mild allergens
Free lunch box for today\'s school (
Or stainless steel, ecology
Friendly Bento).
No, I have no children before you ask.
Yes, I understand the merits of a healthy, balanced lunch that combines local-sourced produce with nutrient-beneficial ingredients.
But where is the fun?
Let\'s take a look at the kaleidoscope of a lunch box for a child in her 90 s and feel sorry for today\'s children who will never experience it.
Of course, they may live longer than we do.
But let\'s get started anyway: Burger man fries are bombs.
Source: supply burger MAN chipsthis these playful little guys bring back memories of the school disco where $5 can buy you three cans of soft drinks, a pack of people
Potato chips in shape and a wild night.
Dunkaroos was originally chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
Source: supply dunkarooossibly from the most beloved Australian tapas of the decade.
There are three parts in the package, one is the biscuit, one is the dipping sauce, and the other is the broken pieces.
When the company stopped flavors of strawberries and vanilla, millions of children were almost on the vigil.
Before eating the MiG Lang, there was a MiG noodle snack here.
Source: supply Mamee noodles SNACKSYou know those things that will show up in your lunch box and you won\'t question them because it\'s something new your mom is trying and
Those are Mamee noodles snacks.
A pack of dried salty noodles.
There is no nutritional value, but we ate them.
Lunch, a DIY lunch for you.
Source: container of supliedlunchablesa filled with sliced cheese, mystery meat and biscuits.
Sometimes a small packet of M & MS or beer and skittles is served for dessert.
We were provided with tools that we could use to draw our own lunch canvas. Ovalteenies. The bite-
The size chocolate \"tablet\" that will melt in the mouth \".
Source: The OVALTEENIESNo AUD Ovalteenies lunch box is an incomplete package.
The interesting fact is that they did not become real Oval until the beginning of 2000.
Children in their 90 s like biscuits and dipping sauce very much.
Source: The best part of this snack is the small cheese smear stick.
Source: supply snackaboutsit is 1990 of what we have to thank as it advances the custom of Australia to immerse things in other things.
Wait, how about hot pot in 1970s? Nah.
Snackabouts play an important role in soaking Sports, offering four biscuits and a bunch of vegetables, peanut butter or cream each --cheese spread.
Snackabout has developed very quickly, and the new product will provide some small oil sticks to spread the condiments of our choice in our quarrel.
Lazy height at lunch time.
A small drop of eucalyptus.
Always there when you need it.
Source: there are still small teddy bears available today, but it\'s hard for you to find a pack in your child\'s lunch box
All for a cold, comfortable food in the winter, and some creaking things in class that annoy your teacher.
For years, eucalyptus drops have always been a reliable constant in the lives of Australian children.
These bears hold quite a bit of money on the campus market, and usually have a simple exchange with Uncle Toby\'s roll or a pack of cheese (
So you can put them on your ring finger and pretend to be married).
The Samboy chip is a bomb.
Source: SuppliedSAMBOY chipif if you haven\'t picked this up, the chip was a big part of the lunch box for Australian kids in your 90 s.
We like them very much, \"kid-sized” packets.
Samboy made the best and most delicious fries with a real punch on the label. Go-
Gurt\'s is a seasoned yogurt.
Source: supply go-
GURTOne: genius.
A tube of colorful flavored yogurt designed to make the most boring part of lunch enjoyable? Yeah.
We go there-
In a big way.
Moms around will do their best to freeze test tubes or wrap them in tea
A large fridge block next to the towels, but they are usually not cold at lunch time, water. Remember these? Do. I. EVER.
Source: supplier hundreds thousands of biscuremember remember to find four things wrapped in some happy packaging at the bottom of your lunch box?
What a wonderful time to live
I still believe that astronauts will eat them in space.
Source: of course, this has also started our generation\'s obsession with nuts. based desserts.
Source: The supplied Space Food Sticks quickly became a citizen\'s obligation for every child to eat the Space Food Sticks in memory of the brave astronauts who had these great ones for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We don\'t even care if they taste like rubber advent calendar chocolates, it\'s important to pay tribute to you.
That upgrade is Natra packewell, isn\'t it?
Once a small packet of hazelnut chocolate, packed in a hurry into your child\'s lunch box, quickly bloomed into a contemporary obsession with this.
In fact, children in their 90 s now eat nuts for everything.
This is where everything starts.
A bottle of liquefied sugar? Why not.
Source: supply Golden Pash: I keep giggling when I read the labels on these popups.
Source: \"Mom, this is the real juice, I swear!
\"When the mothers of every 90-year-old child are unconvinced to stare at the colorful\" fruit drinks \"on the shelves of the grocery store, they cry.
Damn, they\'re delicious.
Especially when freezing in the summer, pack it in your lunch box with a spoon and make a DIY lazy guy.
Fruit Rice, keep the dentist working as 1990.
Source: fresh fruit that may be missing in the \"Post-90 s\" lunch box, it can definitely make up for it within one metre --
Long fruit band of processed fructose.
Uncle Toby\'s fruity rice is a creative spin of classic roll up, longer and thinner, and could be worse for you.
Push pops are jewelry on our lunch box crown and only show up when we are very good --behaved.
Source: Like Push pops, supply ring pops are rare and precious items on the playground.
Source: supply push pop and RING pop these precious foods are the source of many jealous eyes during lunch time.
If you have a ring pop-up window on your finger, or a sticky push-up window on your paw, you are the boss.
These are not lunch boxes, but they are waiting for you at home for a quick and easy afternoon snack.
Source: supply pizza wallet finally, at the end of school day, the Australian 90 s child will retire to watch the cartoon in the afternoon (
Captain Planet, Alex Mike, Art Attack, Wild TV
Dim sum in the afternoon.
And, like our lunch, our afternoon tea will feature the nutritional value of a piece of cardboard.
The pizza pocket is a multi-faceted sphere filled with mysterious meat, pizza sauce and melted cheese cubes.
They can melt your fingerprints as soon as they touch them, but they have always been the ultimate comfort food after 90 s.
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