Installing a cable TV system need not be difficult

by:MKS     2020-07-13
Instructions 1. Step 1 Select a central logical location to mount a high-bandwidth splitter or distribution block. Screw this device down to a secure spot using the drill. 2. Step 2 Determine the individual locations desired for cable entry. In most cases, cable terminations are wall plates in the individual spaces. Using the coax cutters, cut a sufficient amount to reach from a space to the distribution location. 3. Step 3 Strip off 1/4-inch of insulation from one end of the coax using the coax stripper. Place the stripper over the end of the wire, squeeze and rotate the stripper around the cable until it spins freely. Pull off the cut jacketing from the cable. Fold the shielding back against the jacket. Push the connector onto the end of the now-exposed wire as far as it will go. Place the coax crimper over the collar of the connector, squeezing the handles until they are secure. 4. Step 4 Repeat the stripping and termination process for all coax cable ends designated for connection to the splitter. Screw on the connectors to the output legs in a clockwise motion, until they are fully seated. 5. Step 5 Drill a hole through the baseboard into the access area where the splitter is located. The bit should penetrate through the footer and into the access area. Remove the bit from the hole. 6. Step 6 Locate the small hole the 3/16-inch bit created in the footer. In the access space, take the 1-inch bit and drill straight up through the footer, immediately adjacent to the smaller hole. Drill a 2-inch hole directly above the hole made behind the baseboard, at the same height as other outlets. Repeat these steps for each room designated for coax wiring. 7. Step 7 Grab the fish tape in the access area. Bring the end of the coax cable parallel to the end of the fish tape, wrapping a few tight turns of the electrical tape around both. Push the tape back through the footer and through the 2-inch hole in the wall. 8. Step 8 Un- wrap the tape, freeing the coax. Terminate the coax as detailed in the access room. Screw on the connector to the rear of the coax plate and screw the plate to the wall using two wood screws and the drill with a Philips bit. Step 9 When the installation is completed, check the CATV signals through Maxpeak Cable Meter ensure that all the channels are in good picture quality and C/N ratio.
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