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by:MKS     2020-03-01
Chennai: The first stainless steel electric multi-unit in the country (EMU)
On Tuesday, the Coach factory on the outskirts of Mumbai was marked as closed. The 12-
Car unit is the first of 72 rakes provided to Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC)
As part of the second phase of the project.
The coach is energy efficient with better seating, interior lighting and wider windows.
However, it will take years for these harrows to enter Chennai\'s suburban network.
\"The suburban trains in Mumbai are made with money from the World Bank and are expensive.
The railway company will have to make a decision, \"Maz and Rakesh Misra, general manager of the Southern Railway Company, said after getting out of trouble.
The new rake will be tested, certified and commissioned in Mumbai within a week.
Feedback from commuters will be taken into account while building the next rake expected to be completed by the end of October.
\"The design will be perfected and frozen in January.
30 harrows will be supplied to MRVC next year, \"said Pankaj Kumar, chief mechanical engineer at the ICF.
The new rake sub is made of stainless steel and requires minimal maintenance, which will be more reliable compared to the first 129 ra sub supplied to Mumbai in the first phase of the 3,000 crore project.
Rakesh Saxena, chairman and general manager of MRVC, said, \"Mumbai city transportation project (MUTP)
Many technologies have been introduced in suburban networks, such as forced ventilation systems and GPS-
Auxiliary display board.
The 909 coaches offered in the first phase helped us reduce the overcrowding by about 18%.
Now, the number of tourists has increased, reaching seven.
5 million commuters per day.
The new rakes will help reduce overcrowding.
S. Sridhar, chief electrical engineer at ICF, said the plant is the leader in three-phase propulsion technology, energy-efficient and can be used in the future for the manufacture of subway passenger cars.
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