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by:MKS     2020-07-19
We have all experienced the drama of stepping in pet droppings. We've tracked it indoors. We've struggled to scrape it off of our shoes. Even one pet deposit has the potential to cause these problems. As responsible owners, we must all clean up after our pets. We can't just leave it there. Plus the fines for not picking up dog waste are increasing. Fines range from $100 in New York to $600 in Paris and up to $750 in London. Among the concerns are sprains or broken bones resulting from citizens slipping on feces left on the sidewalks. So if concern for our neighbors isn't encouraging us to pick up our dog's waste, possibly we should consider the potential impact on our wallets. The easiest way to pick up dog poop is to use a plastic bag. Plastic grocery bags work great for picking up the deposit. Or there is a wide assortment of dog waste bags online or at any local pet store. There are even biodegradable poop bags for those who are concerned about their dog poop bags not bio-degrading. But once we've picked up the dropping, what do you do with our dog poop bags? We can let them dangle from our hand. Or tie them to the leash. But a much more discreet and safe option is to use a dog waste bags carrier and there are several now available. This unique accessory will not only conceal the bag of dog poop, it will also protect it from breaking. Some also contain extra pockets to carry the empty plastic bags, with additional pockets for dog training accessories or other necessities. Some even contain a pocket for hand sanitizer. Since a single gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, hand sanitation is always a necessity after picking up dog poop. Dog feces are one of the most common carriers of 11 diseases. So sanitizing our hands after handling dog poop is always of great importance. As responsible owners, we must walk our dogs or take them to the local dog park. And we must then always be prepared to pick up our dog's waste, carry the dog poop bags in a safe manner, and sanitize our hands after handling the bag of feces.
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