modern frosted acrylic pendant lamp

by:MKS     2020-03-01
During an outing with my girlfriend, we went to a slightly more expensive place (IMHO)
Furniture shop, I found a lamp that I fell in love.
This is a very simple, modern frosted acrylic chandelier that I think will look perfect above my table.
The only problem with the lights for me is the price: $425 tax.
I realize it may not be expensive for some people, but I can\'t justify spending that much money on a lamp.
Could it be a man?
So I decided to do it myself because it looked easy.
Luckily the store put the size of the lamp on the label with the price, so I don\'t have to take the tape measure :)(
You may not be able to see it in the picture, but the size of the print is 36 \"x 7 \".
I know this is different from what is said on the website as 36 \"x7\" x 11.
It turns out that I noticed this while writing this structure, but personally I like the look of 7 \"x 7)
I called some local acrylic suppliers from GTA (
I\'m from Ontario)
The cheapest is the plastic world.
I got the following from them (cut to size)
Frosted acrylic board (
I think they call the frosted sheets P90? )
: 2 pieces 3/16 \"x 7\" x 36 \"for side 2 pieces 3/16\" x 7 \"for tail 2 pieces 3/16\" x 7 \"x 5\" for two top part bulb connections (
I trimmed 7 \"about 3/8 in length\" with a radial arm saw so that the top is stuck in the middle of both sides, not the top.
It looks cleaner. )
I also bought some acrylic glue (
In fact, it\'s a solvent, so you actually get a chemical bond when it dries.
Welding a bit like plastic).
What I got was Weldon 3.
It has the consistency of water (
Low viscosity)
So I suggest someone else try to use thicker glue because it\'s hard to apply.
Total cost of acrylic and glue: about $60 I bought two Ikea HEMMA wire lights (in black)for approx.
The stainless steel box is $10 per box and I got a stainless steel plate of 16 specifications 7 \"x 18 \".
Also, I got a 1 \"x 42\" part that will complete the electrical \"box \".
You also want to pick up two rubber buttonholes from Home Depot (about $0. 50 each)
Suitable for light line.
Since acrylic is cut to a certain size, all I have to do is drill holes for the HEMMA bulb holder in the 5 \"x 7\" acrylic sheet.
For this I used a hole saw with the same diameter as the bulb holder (
I believe this is 2 \"diameter but I can\'t remember it now). Tip: pre-
Drill a small guide hole on acrylic resin to prevent cracking when using a larger size drill bit: when using a hole saw, go and cut once you promise to cut, and don\'t take the time.
The hole saw generates a lot of heat and you want to avoid melting the plastic.
It takes about 10 seconds to drill holes on acrylic resin.
The Weldon glue I use is quick to dry (
I tried it on the acrylic fragment left by cutting out the hole in the previous step)
So apply a very thin layer of glue on the thin edge of the piece you intend to glue and carefully pair it with another piece.
You can move the pieces for about 10 seconds, but I don\'t recommend it because the glue will dissolve the acrylic and leave a noticeable mark.
Glue all the parts together to make it fully cured overnight.
The frosted surface of the acrylic sheet should be outward, while the glossy surface should be kept inside the lamp.
I position 5 \"x 7\" acrylic sheets so that the center of the hole (
So the bulb)
The length of the lamp is 1/3 and 2/3 respectively (
Uniform interval).
Brown paper on acrylic is just a protective cover that can be removed as long as you want.
To minimize scratches, I keep it on all the time.
Three holes were drilled on the stainless steel plate;
1 lamp line each, 1 bolt fixing the lamp on the ceiling.
The hole of the lamp line is drilled separately, centered on the plate. $0.
In order to protect the light rope, 50 buttonholes were installed.
The remaining brackets are drilled in the center of the plate.
1 \"x 42\" stainless steel strip is bent into a rectangle of 5 \"16\" wide, about 1 \"long, away from each edge of the plate.
PL Premium is used to glue stainless steel \"fence\" to the board.
This needs to provide rigidity for the board.
Without this, the plate will bend under the weight of the light.
My stainless steel plate had been placed for a while before I started doing it, so it was a bit scratched.
Although you can\'t really notice it when it\'s installed.
The only steps left are to assemble the light and install it.
The HEMMA light line is really long, so I had to cut off about 10 feet of the wires from the end of each light line, and there was a lot left!
I use the electrical clip of the junction box to fix the light line in the electrical box, similar to the one shown in the following figure.
This will set the height of the lamp and prevent the wire from slipping through the buttonhole.
A nice Allen head bolt to use with the ceiling anchor to fix the light on the ceiling!
I spent less than $100 (
I can\'t say what is the price of stainless steel my cousin offers, although I was told you could get it for $20 --$30).
You have it, a design light for less than $100!
All in all, it took about two days to assemble (
Most of this is waiting for the glue to solidify).
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