Off we go with our best friend. Sauntering down

by:MKS     2020-07-19
Hand sanitizer! Of course. How could we forget this? But we have. We all have. It's the way we do it. The way we have always done it. We might remember after handling our dog waste bags to wash our hands when we get home. Maybe after we've eaten our apple. Or candy bar. Or cookie. Or maybe after we've touched our lip. Or rubbed our eye. Or scratched our nose. And if so, this would be after we've possibly passed on 11 diseases carried by dogs, including tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, hookworms, Salmonellosis, Cryptosporidiosis, and others. Yuck! OK, so now that we know this, maybe we should start being more conscientious about washing our hands with soap and water immediately after handling our dog waste bags. And if we are not near soap and water, then we use a hand sanitizer to sanitize our hands. The problem is remembering to carry this. And remembering to use it. And remembering to take it out of our pocket when we get home, so it doesn't make its way into our washing machine. So a poop bags holder is a great necessity in helping us with this task. One convenient poop pouch that is now available actually has a side pocket that carries an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer. So as the dog poop is bagged, the sanitizer sits ready to do its job on our hands. And then the apple or cookie can be immediately popped into our mouth - no problem. Enjoying our bonding time with our pet is so important. And it is also important to always be prepared for the inevitable dog waste with our dog poop bags. And it is even more important to always be prepared to sanitize our hands after picking up the feces. We know so much more now, and we must also teach others too. A unique poop pouch which is a holder for our poop bags and our hand sanitizer will serve our needs in being ready, and also serve as our instruction and example to others.
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