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by:MKS     2020-07-19
Known formally as portable sanitation units, the porta potty is basically a stand-alone unit with a tank for holding waste, a liquid disinfectant dispenser, a locking door, ventilation at the top, and some sort of deodorizer. All of them have sitting toilets, and many today include urinals as well. Things like toilet paper and toilet paper dispensers now come standard. Sometimes, a porta potty rental will even come with washing facilities. It could be a simple as a hand sanitizer dispenser, or as elaborate as a sink with running water, powered by a foot pump. Some of these washing stations supply towels and soap, or even warm water, when a power source is attached. These units have come a long way since their inception. Some of them can even resemble an indoor bathroom, with all the amenities. A permanent outdoor latrine will probably cost less in the long run, but that's not feasible for something like an outdoor concert or a construction site where work will be done in a year or so. One of the benefits of renting, rather than buying or building your own, is that the rental company will do all the difficult work of maintenance for you as part of the charge. This includes cleaning, draining, disinfecting, and any other repairs the unit might require for as long as you rent them. Each unit can support ten people for a typical forty-hour work week, though it can be cleaned more often than that. Another great aspect of porta potty rental is, of course, the fact that they're portable. They have tanks, instead of plumbing, since plumbing isn't portable. This means it is impossible to clog them. If necessary, you can put one into the back of a pickup truck and take it wherever you need it to go. There are some even made for use in high-rise construction facilities. They're fitted with casters so they can be rolled, and with places a crane hook can be attached so it can be lifted to wherever it happens to be needed that day. Construction sites aren't the only places to find a portable sanitation unit. Events like outdoor concerts need restrooms, and a porta potty rental is just what's needed to ensure everyone has a good time. Dozens might be needed, for just one night or a few nights. One good idea is to put such units to double purpose - print big eye-catching ads on the side to attract future business. Porta potty rental for events can get units that are even more elaborate. Mirrors, running water, flushing toilets, sinks and counters - they are largely indistinguishable from an indoor bathroom. There are special wide units for wheelchair access, and cabin-like trailers. Whatever your needs (or the needs of your employees or clients), there is a portable sanitation unit to cover them.
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