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by:MKS     2020-07-20
Imagine you are walking back to your car in an unsafe neighborhood and you want to be in your vehicle as soon as possible. Well, with a handbag, you can keep you keys at arm's length in the front zipper pocket. Imagine you are at a picnic and just finished playing a game. You and your friends are covered in dirt and need to sanitize your hands before eating. Well luckily, since you have a handbag, you've got your hand sanitizer right when you need it. Think of your handbag as a fashion accessory as well as a handy survival kit. Handbags can come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to pair with any occasion. If you are going to a company gala and are wearing that slinky dress without pockets, yet still need to keep that smart phone close by, then bring an elegant handbag. All the colors and varieties of fabrics available create a nearly endless amount of possibilities to sport a handbag to match one's personality and wardrobe. But the big problem with handbags is having to constantly switch around all of your possessions depending on what bag you decide to take with you. Today's designers have answered to the call of frustrated and time-strapped modern women by creating transfer bags. These bags fit easily inside stylish purses and accommodate all of your necessities. Never again will you experience the headache of realizing that your favorite lipstick is in your pink diamond studded bag when you have your casual taupe canvas purse around your shoulder. Transfer bags come in all sizes to meet anyone's needs. Moms everywhere will go gaga for their ability to keep all your things with you and organized on the go. With your kids by your side, the last thing you need is to be fishing for your cell phone when your boss calls about the big promotion. There are so many styles to choose from. The first is called the 'Handle It' Transfer Bag.This transfer bag is the perfect because of its versatility. It is the middle size of the transfer bags, so it fits into most purses. Another model is called the 'Big Timer' transfer bag. It was made for the business gal on the go who needs to carry a bit more than the average person. It comes complete with ample zippered pockets and sections to fill with all your needs. The 'Teenie' transfer bag was made to fit your essentials. Never again will you have to worry about having your most needed things while out on the town or at work. The 'Teenie' will eliminate those moments of being annoyed that you forgot something that you cannot be without. The 'Mommy' transfer bag is made for the woman who know that just because she is busy a mother does not mean she has to stop being fashionable. A good mom is organized and seems to have everything in their purse, from cough drops to playing cards, to keep her kids happy. Be the organized and stylish mom that is the envy of the PTA. One thrilled mom explains how her transfer bag has changed her life, saying, 'I love my new Mommy Transfer bag. Just had twins and barely have time for anything anymore, so this bag is a life-saver. Keeps me organized and gives me a little space for my own things in a very overstuffed diaper bag!' The 'Classic' transfer bag is the one that started it all and is the perfect union of fashion and form for today's modern woman. Think of it like a really elegant tool belt that fits into your purse. The 'Classic' comes with its signature key ring that makes it a breeze to locate those pesky keys that always seem to somehow find their way to the unreachable areas of your purse. Transfer bags come in a variety of colors and design patterns as well, from beetle, leopard print, black, taupe dragonfly, copper leather, black leather, pewter, silver, gold, purple, red satin, beige, pink stripe, blue stripe and so many more. Transfer bags are made to last. These bags were crafted with the understanding that with your active lifestyle, the road will likely not always be a smooth journey. These bags understand what is needed for fashion and form. Transfer bags are perfect for today's modern woman: a professional that needs to stay hip and organized. They are the perfect union of style and utility to keep you feeling sexy but organized too. Find your perfect transfer bag today!
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