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Pack line pipe

Pack line pipe


  Pack line pipe


Material: made of PE + PP+PA material


(1)First need to organize the cable into the lead clamp.

(2)Insert the ready lead clamp into the opening of the tube.

(3)After the lead clamp enters the bobbin, drag the lead

clamp to the other end of the bobbin(Like using a zipper).

(4)Pay attention to the lead clamp during the operation

to ensure that the cable is not exposed to the tube.


Application: It is widely used in computers, television,

Internet productsinformation technology,No matter

home, office or factory, it can be used as long as there

are wires.It canmakea cluttered wire behind your

computer or TV into one,and the entire writing room

gets cleaner,tidy and organized.You don't have to worry

about it anymore.



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