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SC Cable Lugs

SC Cable Lugs


Made by high conductivity copper which used for code conductors One-Hole with Inspection Window Design. Seamless tubular barrel provides a consistent high performance quality crimp.


Round double thick tongue for reliable power application. And Barrel of terminal internally beveled to provide quick and easy wire insertion.


Features & Benefits :


Inspection window allows visual inspection of proper wire insertion




Question : What is the material ?


Answer : There are four different materials for choice


Best : T2 , 99.9% Copper , Few Manufactures use it Due to Expensive


Good : T3 , 99.7% , Almost 50% Manufactures use it Due to Reasonable


Common : Normal Copper , 20% Manufactures use it Due to Cheap


Bad : Brass , Special for Online Business , Such as Aliexpress , Ebay


Most of Customers pay more attention Price than Quality


Question : How many types of SC Cable Lugs ?


Answer : If We sort by Size , There are three different types


Heavy Duty SC Cable Lugs , Standard SC Cable Lugs , Economy SC Cable Lugs


Heavy Duty Type usually be used in High Current Application Due to Thicker


If We sort by Hole With Inspection Hole , Without Inspection Hole


Besides There are special types which have bell-mouth for wire easy insert


Question : What is the Thickness of SC Cable Lugs ?


Answer : Our Treatment of Surface will be Tin Plated up to 3-5um


For Special Requirement , We can also do 8-10um , 13-15um and 20-25um


Question : How to crimp these SC Cable Lugs ?


Answer : As Customers know that The Sizes from 4-630mm2


4-16mm2 : Hand Crimping Tools or Pneumatic Crimping Tools be best


16-120mm2 : Heavy Duty Crimping Tools or Hydraulic Crimping Tools be best


150-630mm2 : Hydraulic Crimping Tools or Special Puncher be best


SC Cable Lugs Surface Treatment by Tin-Plated to inhibit corrosion


A device that is used to join two or more electrical circuits together is called an electrical connector. These electrical connectors are typically utilized to set up temporary connections, though some may be used to install permanent ones. Electrical connectors are definitely a significant part of modern day devices. There are various types of electrical connectors including terminal blocks, plug and socket connectors, crimp-on terminal connectors, component and device connectors and cable lugs.













Inspection hole:


Cable entry:


Side View:


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