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Self-locking nylon cable tie

Self-locking nylon cable tie


Self-locking Design: With cable zip, cables can be tied tightly. Wire ties designed for indoor use with rounded edges for easy handling and to prevent snagging.

Wide Use: perfect for home,cable management, office, garage, travel and workshop tidy, whenever you need sort out your different wires, zippers and other accessories, it's a good choice,can be used for tying cables, plants, packages, etc. It's a great tool in home, office, garden and workshop.

Heat resistant & Heavy Duty: Black Cable Ties are safe to use even when the cables ties or other objects get heated up inadvertently from time to time. Outdoor application in direct sunlight is OK.

Strong and Durable: Nylon Zip Ties field tested to support up to 60 pounds of weight with a patented Ratchet-Lock head and strong teeth for securing cables, wiring, automotive hoses and body parts.

Easy to use: binding what you want to sort out, and then put the wrap wire into the head, self-locking design, make it tidy and organised.

International Standard Specifications: Multipack of 500 premium 4/6/8/10/12"inch cable ties (100pcs of each size); Width 4mm/0.16inch.

Premium Quality: Made of industrial strength 6/6 nylon,cable ties can be very flexible with high temperature resistance.

Applications: Wire-arrangement Pipe-fixed Correction of vegetation Fence-making etc. Wherever You Need To Bundle Sth,You Can Use It!

Color: white, uv black

Material: Nylon 66

CertificateL UL




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