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by:MKS     2020-07-08
The problem about the signal is often happens when the satellite antenna is not in a proper position. So choosing a proper place for the satellite antenna is very significant. The direction of the satellite antenna should have nothing block. The antenna should also be away from the microwave station, transposer station or the radar station. These sources of disturbance will affect the satellite signal greatly. If the antenna is on the ground and there are trees or houses, the antenna will be affected. If the antenna is at roof and there is an enclosure around it, or the antenna is just under the microwave receiving tower, or many antennas in the same place; all these situation will do harm to the receiving of satellite signal. The quality of the satellite antenna should reach the standard. The quality of the parabolic dish antenna should reach the standard. This is very significant to the signal quality. If the parabolic dish antenna doesn't have a good quality, the signal will not be able to focus on the feed source. The focal point and the focus of the LNB (Low Noise Block). The focal point and focus are very significant parameters. If you set the focus to the right distance, you will find the strength of the signal improve a lot. The satellite signal splitter. Since the channels of the satellite is increasing, there are always more than one channel in one polarization way. If we want to receive these channels, we have to use the satellite signal splitter. The splitter will reduce the strength of the satellite signal. Special interruption. In an ordinary situation, the satellite terminal will work well if all the device of the terminal is designed according to the right standard and in good working condition. However, some of the nature phenomena will effects the terminal. If the sun transit outage happens, the electrical wave given out by the sun will effects system and the signal will be interrupted. If the satellite, earth and the sun is in one line, the antenna will also not be able to receive the signal send out by this satellite.
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