Spearheaded by Pudumjee Hygiene as the parent company

by:MKS     2020-07-20
Greenlime provides a range of hygiene products- Wet wipes, hand sanitizer products, soap and tissue dispensers, bathroom tissues, paper napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, personal toilet seat cover systems, odour neutralizers and other cleaning solutions. The products are dermatologically tested to be 100% safe on food and skin. Regular micro-biological tests are also conducted by the company. Greenlime products not only keep harmful germs and bacteria away but are also manufactured from environmental friendly material. Innovative pocket packs of Toilet seat covers and hand sanitizers keep you away from germs when in public places. Greenlime products have time and again tried to ascertain the strong role of tissues in maintaining a clean and hygienic lifestyle. When you wipe your hands with an ordinary paper napkin, many a times it shreds and sticks on your skin, but Greenlime paper napkins do not shred on your skin and are super soft and super absorbent. They are ideal for wiping your hands after snacks or dinner. The hand wash is rich in Vitamin E and moisturizers. The brand's Pop-up napkins beautify conference tables and work stations in different sizes, thus Greenlime tissue products are found everywhere from travel to parties to Corporates as well as an otherwise daily use. The products can be easily spotted stacked in bright color packs in the tissues section in Indian stores like Big Bazaar and leading stores of each city as well as in leading airports and malls of India. The Greenlime kitchen rolls have high wet strength towels designed to absorb high spills and messes in Indian kitchens. They absorb excess oil and preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables, thus, making them your best kitchen mate. Greenlime wet wipes are soothing and refresh your skin against the scorching and prickly heat of summer. They are safe on all skin types. Greenlime Wet Wipes products are handy and snuggly fit into your purses and pockets. Greenlime toilet tissue sheets keep infections at bay by keeping your skin dry. The brand's toilet rolls are made from hands-free technology. They are soft, safe on the skin and disintegrate quickly in water to prevent clogged drains. Greenlime is a one stop destination for all hygiene products. Greenlime is now synonymous with hygiene pan India triggering the need among people to lead a healthier lifestyle. The company sincerely dedicates itself to provide extensive and exclusive personal and environmental hygiene. A legacy of 100 years gets enhanced and enriched with an in-depth understanding of the market and catering to the needs of the customer like a package with Greenlime cleaning solutions. Greenlime is also reaching out to youngsters through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with hygiene related posts, comments and videos apart from regular participation in events, exhibitions and seminars.
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