We try to protect our kids from harm and bad influences

by:MKS     2020-07-20
It is important for our kids to remember to wash their hands with soap and water and the often use of hand sanitizer helps also. A good way to instill good hand washing skills is by repetition. Washing before meals and coming in from outside. Keeping hand sanitizer in places where they are most needed is a good way to remind them to use it often. Some good places are next to doors, in the kitchen, next to the television remote, and also placing one in their school bags helps them remember when you are not there to remind them. One often over looked place where bacteria can spread is the bedroom. Children often like to come home and flop down on their beds without washing. It is hard to wash a bed with only a comforter on it because comforters are so hard to wash that most of them require dry cleaning. Washing one in your washer machine can seem pointless because they are so big that they barely move back and forth in the washer machine. That is why I recommend duvet covers in your child's bedroom. Duvet cover sets are easy to put on and even easier to remove. Duvet covers are great because unlike the bulky comforter they are easy to wash. Not only that but there are some duvet covers that can even protect against bacteria like bamboo duvet covers that protect from up to 99.8 % of bacteria.
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