what are the applications of pv terminal blocks?

by:MKS     2020-03-02
The terminal block is an electrical connector (a screw-type)
With the help of the screws, the wires are fixed to the metal part.
It is a connector that enables multiple circuits to be combined into another circuit.
It usually has two bars consisting of copper or aluminum that are designed to connect different parts.
Photovoltaic terminal terminals manufacturers in India provide a large number of terminals for wire size (2. 5-96 sq. mm)
The tested and accepted 1000 VDC is ideal for applications in solar photovoltaic systems.
These PV terminals have conductor terminals through screw-free/spring clamp technology or screws
Clip technology.
Since solar panels generate DC power, only terminal blocks that can withstand DC Voltage Partial discharge tests are suitable for safe application in photovoltaic systems.
To improve the power generated by the photovoltaic system, solar panels that convert solar energy into DC power are connected in parallel or in series to build solar arrays.
These arrays are connected to a dc to ac converter or a solar inverter using a combination box.
In integrated applications, the collective voltage generated by the array inside the assembly box can be up to 1,000 Vdc.
It is important that the photovoltaic junction box used in the Assembly box is able to resist these voltages safely and reliably.
Design innovation, cost of photovoltaic junction box suppliers in India-
Effective and environmental protection
Friendly Energy supply PV blocks for solar panels.
They offer a fully customized range of terminal blocks up to 1500 v dc for all cabling tasks.
However, standard products can usually be used in the AC area of the solar system, and the DC area requires a very specific method.
In order to keep the wire loss to a minimum level, the PV plate is connected to the wire to maximize the system voltage.
In the photovoltaic power generation system,
Load voltage up to 1500 v dc.
These high DC voltages create specific requirements for the components used.
Unlike the AC voltage, the DC voltage used makes it very easy to build the creepage distance on the surface of the insulating element.
Components applied in this field must increase the distance between air and creepage.
In order to control the reverse current that may be generated when a short circuit, save a specific string.
This is more like (10. 3 x 38 mm)
The transparent module integrated into the circuit and the fuse in the blocking diodefilm modules.
In India, PV terminal terminals manufacturers offer a large number of advantages in the integrated range of terminals.
It allows you to safely disconnect strings up to 1000 v dc using disconnect terminal blocks.
India\'s PV terminal suppliers offer a comprehensive product range of 1000 v dc terminal blocks, allowing you to save space and time when wiring with compact potential collective terminals.
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