Whenever healthy living comes up, everyone seems to know

by:MKS     2020-07-21
1. Abusing the Hand Sanitizer Ever since the little bottle of 'magical' liquid was invented, you no longer need to rush in the search of a sink to was your hands after doing something 'dirty'. However, abusing the hand sanitizer won't protect you from the germs you fear. On the contrary, sanitizers that contain triclosan will only stimulate the bacteria, and increase its antibiotic resistance. Hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol might not sound like the better solution, and yet, they are capable of extinguishing up to 99% of all known bacteria on contact. The conclusion is obvious - use the plain old method of washing your hands with soap and water, and go for the hand sanitizer only when completely necessary. Cleaners Putney, advice you not to instil your obsession with the 'miraculous' gel to your kids, too. Instead, teach them to wash their hands more often. 2. Brushing Your Teeth After Every Meal This one surely has made you wince, and raise an eyebrow. However, renowned periodontists claim that brushing your teeth after every meal might harm the enamel of the teeth, instead of cleaning the bacteria away. Food can leave acid on the surface of the teeth that will weaken their enamel, and brushing during this period might result in removing some of the enamel. If you value your oral hygiene, and can't imagine foregoing a teeth brushing, you can rinse your mouth with water. It will remove most of the food particles, so that you can leave the actual brushing for day and night, only. 3. Cleaning With Disinfecting Products It is a common, yet thoroughly mistaken, belief that cleaning with disinfecting products will create the safest, and well sanitized, home environment. On the contrary, no research has indicated that these products are more effective than the regular ones. Furthermore, they are more likely to harm your health than help you improve it. Inhaling the fumes from the disinfecting cleaners can lead to respiratory problems, asthma, and strong, 'inexplicable' headaches. Instead of obsessing over the cleaning product itself, cleaners Putney advice you to focus on cleaning regularly, and thoroughly. Not only will your home be germ-free, and well sanitized, but most importantly, it will be safe. In order to find the healthiest cleaning products, you should check their labels, or turn to the 'green stuff' - water and vinegar, and rubbing hard-to-clean surface with baking soda. 4. Insisting On Drinking Only Bottled Water You may believe that avoiding the tap water is one of the best things you can do to protect your health, but that is not the case. After all, you are not in some Third World country, England has high water-purification standards. However, that is not why insisting on drinking only bottled water is a bad habit in disguise. While you can have the peace of mind that the water is bacteria-free, you should be aware that it is also fluoride-free - which is not a good thing! The induced fluoride consumption might lead to tooth decay - a serious problem that is becoming more and more common amongst adults. In order not to deprive your body of vital fluoride, you could drink tap water that has been purified by a filtration system - Brita and PUR have excellent, and safe, products for residential customers. 5. Sticking Only To Cardio When Working Out Everyone knows that doing cardio is the easiest way to loose weight, however, the common saying that too much good is bad for you. If you insist on sticking only to cardio when working out, eventually, your body will become accustomed to the pressure, and the rate at which you are loosing weight will slowly but inevitably decrease. Therefore, it is a good idea to trade some of your cardio workouts for more diverse exercises that focus on different muscle groups.
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