Wooden floors are known for their impressive looks

by:MKS     2020-07-16
Before you go for floor sanding, it is important to know about its various aspects. You should have some knowledge of the equipment and machinery. For floorboard sanding, you two different sanders are required. One sander is needed for the main area while the other one is for the edges. One of the main tips to keep in mind before you hire a professional for floor sanding is not to reduce the costs unnecessarily. You should ensure that the machine is of high qualify and of top range. Any inferior machinery can result in dust spilling around. High quality floor sanding machines are free of dust due to their dust collection unit. You should opt for belt type sander instead of having drum roller type as you will require changing the sandpaper regularly. Make it certain that you ask the sanding company about the process and machinery that it uses. Take a good assessment of the wood you have for floor. Each wood requires different sanding treatment. Pine wood is flat and requires specific equipment. There are other woods that need special sander machine. Before you start the floorboard sanding job, you should wear face disposable masks. Check for the nail heads on the wood and punched them firmly down so that there is no damage done to anyone working on the floor. Nails coming out of the wood can also tear the sandpaper. Fill all the gaps with resin filler that is mixed with wood dust. This should be done before starting floor sanding. Pick up the sandpapers carefully. There are usually four types of sandpapers used for floorboard sanding. The professional people know if your wooden floor needs coarse sandpaper, medium sandpaper, medium fine sandpaper and fine sandpaper. At the time of sanding, you should ensure use of 24 grit sandpaper first and do not continue sanding at one spot for a longer time. Make it certain that the sanding movements are swift and continuous. When you reach to the new wood, you should use edge sander for skirting boards, if the machine can not do the job there. Repeat floor sanding process and you will have a new floor.
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