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WRSZT heat shrink breakout

WRSZT heat shrink breakout



Manufactured from corss-linked polyolefin

Provide sealing protection and strain relief over multi-core cable crutch,including 2-,3-.4-,and 5-core breakout

Coated with adhesive on the body and the fingers to form a watertight seal

Flame-retardant breakouts are available upon customer request

Meeting with varieties of configuration requirements

Shrink temperature:start at 90℃,and fully recovered at 130  90


heat shrink breakout Technical data


heat shrink breakout Specification


Remark:1.*means 3-core semi-conductive breakouts are available upon custom request,

2. means 3-core or 4-core oil resistant breakouts are available upon custom request.

3. The breakout coated with hot-melt adhesive comes in two forms:flat adhesive and spiral adhesive.which can meet different customer needs.




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