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\"The first thing you need is a building permit!
\"Brian bowler is a good idea for a Mother\'s Day weekend about garage remodel to solve home improvement projects.
Whether you roll up your sleeves DIY efforts or call a professional, it\'s likely that moms in your life will appreciate it.
\'Unless she has her own plans, \'says Bryan Baeumler.
It\'s always good to remember: Mom knows best.
Don\'t forget the many roles nature plays in a project.
She is usually the reason for the necessary work.
She can stop the progress of the project with the storm cloud flashing.
When planning to improve or repair the design and material selection outside your home, she is a key consideration.
Baeumler\'s planning table always respects Mother Nature.
The host of HGTV, handed over to Bryan and Canada\'s Handyman Challenge, quickly reminded readers to incorporate her into their strategy.
In a conversation with Alex Nino Gheciu, Baeumler answers Star readers questions about muwa, garage remodel, weather
Beaten driveway and other family issues.
Brian, our family is almost 11 years old.
The asphalt tile on the south side of the roof is cooked.
I am considering a new roof with 100 ice and water shield under fiberglass tile.
I would also like to consider the ridge vents with zinc strips to prevent Moss from growing as part of the roof has a deep shadow and stays wet most of the day.
I have a few offers on the roof, but each roof worker has a different view of the 100 ice and water shield and the ridge vents with zinc bars.
I want to put on the best roof for the next 25 years.
Steel is not an option. Your advice? Ben C. , Fergus, Ont. Hi, Ben.
There must be a lot of different opinions, especially in terms of materials and installation techniques.
If you have any questions, please trust the manufacturer\'s advice-
They are most likely to really care about the success of your project and are most aware of the performance of their products under different conditions.
I think most roofing workers would agree that the ice and water shield on the whole roof is a bit overdone --
However, it certainly won\'t be hurt if it\'s in the budget.
When it comes to ridge vents, they are definitely the best way to ventilate the attic.
But you have to make sure that your ceiling is properly and fully insulated, and that your soffit vents are clear and allow a lot of airflow.
From the zinc bars I have seen, they are effective in preventing moss growth on the roof.
Whatever you end up doing, make sure you follow the manufacturer\'s specifications so you have a valid warranty. Hi, Bryan.
I\'m thinking of converting my single.
Garage in family room.
I should add a 2-by-12-inch, bat-
The insulated bottom layer on the existing concrete to allow air circulation below it?
Or spray the foam onto the concrete and there is no air space in all the houses.
The foot crawl space sits on the basis of the perimeter of the surface and has an attached garage with very good soil drainage. Randy C. Innisfield, Ont. Hi, Randy.
The first thing you need is a building permit!
Turning a garage into a living space means that you need not only proper insulation, but also a heat source
Whether this is an extension of an existing HVAC system or another way to provide the main heat to the room.
If you intend to insulate the floor and leave a crawl space below, then the space needs to be ventilated.
Otherwise, if you heat the entire area, you need to get the heat into the area under the floor.
There is no doubt that spraying foam seals and insulation with polyurethane will give you the best air seals and the R value per inch, but its success depends on the correct installation.
I suggest you make some drawings and talk to your local building and planning office to help-
They are very helpful and will guide you in the right direction.
I have a beautiful two lane, about 40-by-
40 feet and a front terrace, about 20by-
20 feet, all by crimson, random-
Concrete with pattern
Think I protect it by using the annual application of acrylic concrete sealant (HIAC Plus)
The surface is very gray.
My pressure washing attempt was unsuccessful.
I was wondering if you have any other cleaning tips to get my driveway and patio back to the original crimson color? Ken B.
, Kincardine, Ont
It\'s hard, Ken.
Concrete is porous and as you can see with your own eyes, it loses color and gets dirty over time.
In fact, it is sealed over and over again, which may be your failure in terms of DIY solutions.
There are acid and stains available for professional use, as well as industrial strength (and heated)
Pressure washers available
This could be a scenario where you would want to bring in a professional who has the equipment to properly peel off and clean the surface or re-
Dye the concrete or update the original color (
Remember that the color will naturally fade over time).
I don\'t think you want to paint your patio, which means that in addition to applying some elbow grease with a hard cleaning solution, maybe borrow or rent a more interesting high pressure washer, your DIY options may be limited. . . Hi, Bryan.
I had a contractor install pot lights in the living room and master bedroom in front of mesplit house.
The contractor is responsible for the frame, electrical, insulation and drywall.
A license was obtained and the work was checked.
The contractor subcontracts the insulation, electrical and dry walls.
In the past winter, there was a lot of cold air in the lamp in the living room, but there was no cold air in the owner\'s lamp. R-
52 thermal insulation was placed on the ceiling above these rooms.
All the work was checked.
So, why is there cold air coming in the flowerpot in the living room?
What steps need to be taken to correct this issue? Greg W.
, The TorontoIf license has been obtained and they have passed the inspection, then I assume that your pot lamp is insulated and placed in a sealed metal box with insulation around and above
The best thing you can do is put your head into the attic and see what\'s happening on it.
The only explanation I can think of is
Not in the attic! —
Pot lights above the living room may not be sealed and/or insulated.
You may want someone to do an infrared scan of your home on a cool night to see where exactly you are losing heat.
Bryan Baeumler shows up in new homes and apartments twice a month.
He was left to Brian\'s owner at 10 on Monday night. m. and co-
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