Can I get any discount on electrical junction box in my first order?
In some special periods, YUEQING KAISEN TRADING CO., LTD provides the first purchase discount on electrical junction box . Discounts apply only to normal-priced items and are only valid for first-time purchases. All discounts, including welcome discounts, may be subject to additional restrictions. Please contact us to confirm the discount.

KAISEN TRADING is proud to be a pioneering manufacturer of cable clip. cable sleeving series manufactured by KAISEN TRADING include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. MKS wire markers is formulated using two distinct strategies, namely technology and market (or customer-driven). Its design is based on the architect’s aesthetic vision as well as the everchanging customer requirement. The non-metal part of the product is non-toxic, which allows it to be recycled easily. The product greatly helps improve job security. With its reliability, it reduces the risk that an employee will be injured while on the job. It can be white, blue, yellow, red, green, etc. based on needs.

The MKS branded wire crimper is manufactured in strict accordance with international standards.
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