Early in 1700 A.D., skillful craftsmen in some

by:MKS     2020-07-07
Early wooden animal toys also had a famous one called mini circus toys. Its most famous manufacturer Albert, from Philadelphia, was a German who in 1872 immigrated to America from Germany, and opened the toy factory, which manufactured wooden toys with joints all activities, in addition to production of little circus toys, also production of Trojan toys. 20-30 years of this century, this type of joint activities wooden toys, mostly imitating images from opera and film role, is very popular at the time. Over time, the production enthusiasm of horse wooden toys enthusiasm unabated, and has been popular ever since. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Trojan was very popular in Europe and North America, carved and connected to a semi-circle below the wood, and later, following the horse on wheels, it becomes into three-wheeled toy carriage. Horse and other wooden toys mounted on wheels, become wooden pull toys. Such toys are still one of the best-selling on today's toy market. In addition to wooden pull toys, there have been activities of wooden pull toys, including two types: one is installed the activities stem at the end of toys, enable toy's limbs or head and foot jump or activities, such activities toys called dancing wooden toys. This form of toys originated in the East, and in the 18th and 19th centuries, is very popular in Europe, North and South America. There is a variety of images popular with children. The other type is the foot spring activity toys, and the most famous is doll box and sound wooden toys. Doll box installed with a clown spring, opened the lid, the clown will pop up, is very popular in Europe. Such doll box gradually developed into modern Western popular horror toys that put a spring snakes, insects or the image of the terrorist monster in the box for stimulating fun. Stilts and spinning top are also very popular wooden toys. Stilts are popular games both ancient and modern. Often large-scale festivals, today's celebration of China's ethnic minorities in Yunnan, stilts are still main game programs. Spinning top is also a worldwide wooden toy, dating back to 250 BC in ancient Greece, and even today, wooden spinning top is still common. In 1850s, Europe and the United States appeared mass production of building blocks and puzzles, the main categories of wooden toys, spread so far, processing of steel wire radial saw is still used. The main varieties of building blocks are usually housing constructions. Housing prototype is popular from the 19th century rich homes of Europe. The first set of connector structural building block is invented by Charles in the 1880s Pennsylvania, the United States. He opened a toy company, mass production of wooden construction toys, appeals to children of all ages.
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