Even top caliber hospitals cannot escape medical

by:MKS     2020-07-16
As millions of surgical procedures are conducted across the globe, sterile hospital environment has acquired importance like never before. Reports say that around 25 % of the human deaths happens due to infectious diseases. Infection control is critical to any hospital's success. This realization has led to the increased focus on disposable or single use surgery equipments worldwide. The risk of contracting infection during and post surgery are quite high. Subsequently hospital staffers put disposable and sterile products as their top-most priority these days. A broad classification of the surgical disposables will include gloves, drapes, face masks, gowns, scrubs etc. These are common products used by the hospital staffers for surgeries across the medical field. The wide spread use of surgical disposables ensures the prevention and transfer of harmful bacterias and on top of it limits the direct exposure to blood and blood borne pathogens. It's a no- brainer that a single use device is more secure and infection free as compared to reusable one. There has been a rise in incidents of surgical site infections, respiratory infections in last few years. Governments, across the globe with the help of strict laws and regulations are trying to ensure that hospitals don't incur laxity on their part. Most of the hospitals are not too keen to apply the latest technology in the use of surgical disposables due to the already high operational costs. Numerous researches are being done to come up with more effective yet cost effective surgical disposable equipments. Overall, the market for surgical disposables is huge and has undergone impressive change in the last decade. One of the industry insider say that the surgical disposables market in central and eastern Europe is poised for strong growth as uptake levels will increase significantly over the next few years. The only factor that comes in the way of Indian companies trying to cash upon the upcoming opportunity is - Quality. Indian quality standards needs to improve a lot before they can think of projecting themselves as emerging market leaders. Surgical disposables exporters agree that the development of the private health care market and the creation of greater awareness among patients and physicians with the help of educational initiatives will be the key to sustain market momentum. It would be highly interesting to see how long does Indian companies take before they make a mark of their own in the global market !
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