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Blade Terminals feature a standard style tongue and are built to ensure secure connectivity.

– Flat blade design to prevent damage to the wire from over tightening, resulting in a reliable electrical connection.

– For use with blade-type terminal blocks.

– Insulation support helps to prevent wire damage in bending applications.

-  Material : Copper tube with tin plated



● Fit all popular pin-types (European) terminal blocks or related similar equipment

● Allow for quick wire connects and disconnects from components where set screws or clamps are used to make electrical contact with the wire

● Brazed seam on the crimp barrel; Creates a seamless barrel that eliminates the need for proper orientation of the barrel during crimping; permits 360° of rotation in the crimp jaws for faster and more reliable crimping

Made from tin plated electrolytic copperCrimp style connectors work great when building custom wire harnesses or making repairs to existing wiring. Tin plated copper terminals are available in a variety of types and sizes. Non-insulated terminals are designed to be crimped but may also be soldered for a more secure complete connection. Often used with separate heat shrink that is applied after connection is made.

· Tin plating (3 um thickness) helps the terminal stand up to corrosion

· Brazed seam offers more strength

· Rifled terminal barrel for better electrical contact




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