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by:MKS     2020-07-08
There are several ways to power a forklift. It can be powered by propane, gas, diesel, and even with electricity. Batteries are necessary to power the electric forklifts. Although electric forklifts may not run as fast or as strong as those powered by other means, they are easier to maintain and more cost effective. They also do not release the fumes into a warehouse, as a gas powered forklift does. However, to run an electric forklift, some considerations should be made. If a battery is not installed properly, it could cause damage to the equipment, to yourself, and to others in the facility. Changing the Batteries requires some attention. You will need a second forklift to lift the battery out of the forklift. It is also helpful to have a chain with C hooks on each end, measuring three feet in length. As well as having a short block that is between one and two feet in length. Ensure that the hoist has a capacity rating high enough to support the battery. For safety, the area should be clear of people and objects during this operation. Used forklift batteries should be handles with care. Even a discharged battery contains energy and hydrogen that could potentially cause an explosion. Chains, forklift blades, and other metal objects should never come in contact with the connector tips. They should be covered at all times. A new battery can be lifted with the second forklift and installed so that the battery and cables are positioned correctly. It is helpful to have a second person in attendance during the battery change to help spot possible problems and errors. By exercising caution and following directions, a forklift battery can be easily changed. A battery sales expert can not only assist with helping you choose the correct battery, but can gladly assist with all installation, care, maintenance, and disposal issues associated with all kinds of forklift batteries.
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