shipping containers: what you need to know before building a home of heavy metal

by:MKS     2020-03-01
They are heavy metal boxes all over the country and have evolved
There are coffee shops or boutique food stores.
Until recently, they have often been used as a place to store tools, paint and machinery.
In some cases, they are also stacked together and modified and carved into a building-designed home.
You may want to know something about containers before you move in: Yes.
But before you rush out and spend $1,500 to $2,200 on a used container as your new home, it\'s worth noting that the conversion may not be as easy as you think.
First, every local government in Australia has its own rules to manage container life.
Most are similar, but you need to do homework before you open the box on the block.
Almost all councils treat a permanent container like any other building on your property.
This means that you will need all the appropriate approvals, works, plans and inspections, just as you will need a grandma apartment or similar building.
For the container you want, this is the same as the backyard cottage.
Also, you have to modify the container in order to live in the container-
Because you may want real doors, windows, fixtures, and pipes.
Everything you do to the container poses the risk of making it weak, which means it may need to be strengthened.
Dr. Vidy Potdar of the University of Curtin, Washington, explored all these options as part of a project to find out what it takes to build a container home in Perth.
\"They don\'t know what they \'ve been through in the past --
It may have been injured.
\"When you move from the old container to the new container, the price goes down --
So it becomes very expensive.
\"For a new container, it is expected to pay at least $5,000.
This may be allowed, but temporary use usually means months, not years.
Queensland Sunshine Coast Commission has just strengthened its own rules on containers, which means that 30 days of use in urban areas do not require approval and 90 days of use in more rural areas do not require approval.
This is an exception for construction workers who use containers as storage, but once the building is completed, the containers have to leave.
In Victoria, if you put a container on your own property, the Kardinia Council needs a permit, and the South Gippsland Council does not allow them to enter any residential area.
In New South Wales, the Wollondilly Council went to the Land and Environment Court in 2016 after someone refused to move a \"unauthorized\" container from their front yard.
In northern Queensland, the Mackay Regional Commission threatened fines for unauthorized containers in rural areas.
The common theme here is the complaints of neighbors and the response of Parliament, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for the potential danger of containers. Maybe.
The problem with containers is that you don\'t usually know where they have been.
Used containers may not have a detailed history, so buyers don\'t necessarily know what potentially lethal materials are in them for a long time.
For example, a container can be used to transport fertilizer, poison, food or plush toys.
Dr. Potdar said that while some may be structurally perfect, others may fall from high places.
\"If the container is used to carry something harmful chemical or unhealthy to human beings, we can\'t actually see or smell it when we enter the container [but]
It\'s there, it\'s hidden.
\"Entering a container that you don\'t know what it used to carry is a health and safety risk.
\"Well, that\'s not always the case.
Dr. Potdar calculated Perth figures to find out how much money can be saved by choosing a container home compared to a traditional studframe house.
\"6 m by 2.
\"5 m, so more than 12 m² of the coverage space is less than $2,500,\" he said . \".
\"They think, \'If I can pile up a few containers and build a home, it would be very affordable \'.
\"But Dr. Potdar does not live in a container, which gives him some insight into his findings.
\"I hope the cost of doing containers is relatively cheap, but the answer is not that interesting,\" he said . \".
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