High-quality shrink film is developed from a polyester

by:MKS     2020-07-02
Industrial The industrial industry has numerous applications for heat shrink tubes and polyester. From adhesive tapes to creating solar-control structures, polyester films are integral components. Some more common applications for shrink film in the industrial industry include: Packaging Packaging is a universal need across all industries and heat shrinkable tubing fill that need. From general food packaging - such as creating flexible pouches - to vacuum insulation panels for packaging, shrink film is needed. Shrink can be used to package anything from general food to prescription medications. This heat-shrinkable film offers versatility for the packaging industry and since it is easy to use with automated systems, offers resistance and can be printed on, a variety of businesses can use it. Shrink film is ideal for packaging because it offers high resistance to tears, can be chemically treated, offers higher tension and strength than other film products and is resistant to water and solvents. Electrical The electrical industry has a variety of uses for heat shrink tube products. From creating transformer insulation film to protecting wires and cables, shrink can provide the versatility and strength needed in this delicate industry. Companies creating printed circuit boards can also use polyester film to develop circuit boards, create membrane touch switches or develop keyboard and computer products. Imaging The imaging industry does more than just service photographers and videographers - in fact, imaging also applies to life-saving medical applications. For example, x-rays can be created using polyester film. In addition, the imaging industry can use shrink film for printing films, color proofing applications, drafting film, transparencies, business graphics and microfilm. Magnetics Shrink can be used in a variety of magnetic applications, such as camcorder, video and audio tapes as well as data storage devices. Floppy disks and computer tapes are created using polyester. With the technology changing constantly in this industry, magnetics can benefit from the use of versatile shrink thanks to the ever-lasting innovation associated with the polyester film industry. Shrink film is highly flexible and can be applied in a variety of industries and applications. From food service to electronics to medical, heat shrinkable tubing is highly versatile. Companies that offer polyester products can manufacturer a product specific to their industry and application. With a variety of strengths available, few - if any - films offer the same array of performance and uses in specialty applications as shrink does.
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