High Resolution Capacitance Meter circuit and

by:MKS     2020-07-09
This DIY capacitor meter can measure discharged capacitors from any type: ceramic, mylar, metal film or electrolytic. It very performance device for reasonable price, suitable for people who like DIY electronic projects. The cap meter has several advantages: We created two versions of this product: Beginner and Advanced edition. The Beginner Edition has very smooth assembling process, so even if you just start with electronic hobby you can easy solder it. It have LCD installation with 12 dupont wires and can be mounted to almost any suitable project box. We tried to make the price of the product aslow as possible, so that it is accessible to anyone engaged in electronics. The Advanced Edition has a more complicated assembly process. LCD is installed on four hex standoffs over the pcb. It have onboard zero button and also you can connect external zero button. We also add protection diode to prevent wrong +- power supply connection. This version is more compact, but requires some experience in the assembly and soldering of electronic devices. To improve the accuracy and stability of the measure process we use in our project 1% 10K oscillator resistor and temperature stable 270pF NP0, so there is almost no temperature drift. Otherwise, if you connect test leads with crocodile clips to terminal block out, it's normal to see small capacitance drifts because the capacitance between the leads! Technical support for the kit can be given on multi-language: english, russian or hebrew. Respond time for your request can vary, but usually during 24-36 hours you'll receive the answer.
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