How long can cable clip be used?
A long service life is a promise made by YUEQING KAISEN TRADING CO., LTD. You may contact us if there are any problems during this. The long service life is a strong competitiveness of cable clip . Users always take service life, cost, price, quality, etc. into consideration. Please note that the service life may be extended if the product is used in good conditions.

With a large-scale factory, KAISEN TRADING has expanded wide oversea market for tie wraps. wire crimper series manufactured by KAISEN TRADING include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Reliability: Quality inspection is throughout the whole production, removing all defects effectively and greatly ensuring the consistent quality of the product. Adopting PVC as one of the main materials, it has good stability and safety. The product exists in people's daily life or work. It brings many benefits such as improving the overall efficiency and saving electricity bills.

We are fully prepared to serve customers with pilot light.
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