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by:MKS     2020-07-05
A KVM cable enables you to connect one PC central processing unit to several monitors, without the need for additional keyboards and mice. KVM stands for keyboard, video or visual display unit and Mouse. This situation is beneficial, if you want to access one computer from two or more monitors situated in different locations. You can also control many computers using a single monitor and keyboard. However, in order to benefit from these functions, you will need a KVM switch. This switch is a hardware device that allows you to control multiple computers from a single keyboard, video monitor and mouse. Some K switches give you access to a varying number of computers such as 2, 4, 6 or 16. There are even switches that can accommodate 64 computers. This type of KV switch is perfect for businesses with large server rooms. The modern versions of this switch added a nice feat-the USB. This additional feature permits you to share USB devices and speakers with several computers. In the USB KVM cable, the cable has one end with USB socket that can be plugged into a free port to gain control of the mouse and keyboard. But in case something goes wrong, and you have to boot into a safe mode or do something in the BIOS, the keyboard and mouse do not work with a USB K switch. To reverse this effect, you may choose to use PS2 switch. With K switches, you can enjoy features such as the on-screen toolbar with multiple functions like file transfer, desktop image scaling and more. The built-in file transfer utility permits you to transfer files, business information, and presentations. You can also create backup copies between computers or from external USB storage devices. These switches do this by having a KVM cable that communicates signals through a computer into the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You can also control several commands like scroll lock commands and Control Alt Delete functions. In choosing the ideal KV switch for you, you need to make several considerations. The control method comes in few types. There is a model that enables you to control the switch from the keyboard using 'hot key' commands, or a combination of keys pressed at the same time or in sequence. Another option is a simple push button on the switch itself to change the computer in control. Other models provide both types of control method. Resolution capability is another consideration. Some computers use graphic cards and monitors with very high resolution and very high frequencies. The video signal passes through a switch, and differs in its ability to handle resolutions and frequencies. Hence, the image shown on the monitor can be degraded by the switch. In order to have similar resolutions and frequencies, you need to study the specifications of switches. Make certain the model you buy can handle the resolution and frequency your monitors have. Also, use more custom KVM cable especially aimed at professional users. Ensure too that your K cable is flexible, rugged PVC uni-body jacket for durability and safety. It should also have individual shield coaxial VGA lines for crisp and quality video. Get your quality KVM cable at . See the available KVM equipment you need. Do you need LCD displays? Find our other audio video tools at our site. Come by at DVM USB, and take a look at our supplies of KMB equipment.
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