Health is the most important thing of all. But

by:MKS     2020-07-19
Automatic sanitizer dispenser and Purell sanitizer station, made by Haskell New York Inc, and marketed by Office Sales, are very trustworthy name in the matter of safety and health. Used together they offer a better protection and safety of the health. GOJO industries Touch Free Dispense: Among many popular dispensers, GOJO's touch free dispenser is very popular and widely used. This dispenser is powered by 3C batteries and offers 30000 uses. The greatest advantage of this product is that it does not require any touch to get activated. When the sensor detects hands underneath, the battery powered system automatically dispenses the ample amount of hand sanitizer for cleansing. Skylight is decorated with extra large window, and it makes easy to check sanitizer levels. The refilling procedure is very user friendly; when the refill is inserted into the proper place an audible click assures the function. Each and every 1200ml refill is sold separately and comes with a new dispensing valve. Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer: Purell instant hand sanitizer is another very useful product of entire Automatic Sanitizer dispensers/Refills. It is an instant hand sanitizer and it can be installed anywhere it's needed. It comes with a movable stand with a square base for use in high traffic areas like lobbies, cafeteria etc. this ultimate germ buster comes with 1200ml bottles. It is powered by standard C size alkaline batteries, one refill stands 30000 uses. FMX-12 Dispensers: This product contains a 1250ml sealed refill. It is perfect for locations, where a smaller, more traditional dispenser is used. Each refill produces more than 1700 hand washes. ADA compliant, one hand push operation makes it more useful and attractive. It comes with an optional key lock which stops wastage. TFX foam Instant Hand Sanitizer: This product is a refill for purell dispensers. It kills 99.99 percent of germs that may cause severe health problems. The bottle is sanitary sealed and collapsible. GOJO Foam wash: It is another proud product of GOJO brand. The foam soap formula of this bottle is unique. Its mild, biodegradable foam soap is certified by Green Seal and completely eco friendly. This bottle delivers more than 1700 hand washes. One more thing must be mentioned about this bottle that it is recyclable and its biodegradable solution is not harmful to aquatic life. Alcohol Free Instant Hand Sanitizer: This product is 100percent natural and free of alcohol. It comes with an assurance that it can kill 99.99 percent germs and bacteria including MRSA, avian flu, E.coli, salmonella and staph. It contains aloe, chamomile and lavender. It is completely nonflammable, and free of any artificial preservatives, and chemical fragrances. Instant Hand Sanitizer, Wall Dispense: This product is very useful where frequent hand cleansing is necessary but water is not readily available. It can be attached to any wall and it comes with mounting hardware. It contains 1litre of liquid and assures complete cleaning. All of these products can assure the safety of an office and patrons and employees both parties can be benefited from these sanitizing products.
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