how to make a molex power supply

by:MKS     2020-03-01
This is to show you how to easily make a molex power supply for your hard drive/optical drive, etc.
Use a simple 12v DC adapter.
You need something to start :-Soldering iron-Solder -
Two wires. Multimeter -
Voltage Regulator-Screwdriver (
If you have an adjustable voltage regulator
Block terminal connector-
12 v dc power adapter (
I have one here to do 1.
5 amps for old wireless router)
For 100% sure, use a multimeter to find out which line on the adapter is positive and which one is negative.
Then, once you\'re sure, put some tape or something on it so you can remember which line is which.
Then you can start stripping your wire, stripping 4 wires from the molex plug, and then stripping 2 wires on both sides so you can use it to connect the power supply to the voltage regulator.
Then you can start the tin wire on the side of the stripping.
This is done so that the lines are not going to be all over the place and to make sure the lines are connected to each other.
You can start welding small pieces of wire to the voltage regulator.
Make sure the wire is welded to the input of the regulator.
Also make sure the connection from the wire to the regulator is good.
Once the input line is welded to the regulator, you can weld it on the molex plug at the output.
Be sure to connect one of the red and black wires to the voltage regulator.
Using the same procedure, weld the red line to the output of the voltage regulator and weld the black line-
Output of the regulator.
Once the molex plug is connected to the voltage regulator, you can connect the yellow and other black wires.
Be sure to connect the yellow wire to the wire where the voltage regulator is coming off at the positive input and connect the black wire to the negative input! ! !
I just simply screw the wires together because the wires will go into the block terminal connector and do not need to be welded.
So the yellow wire leads directly to the molex plug, the same is true for 1 black wire, then the signal reaches the voltage regulator where it is adjusted to 5v DC and then the red line falls off from there, the other black wire also fell off. This step is not necessary for everyone because not everyone has a variable voltage regulator, but all you need to do is turn the screwdriver in one way, until you see the voltage drop to the level you need.
I set my regulator to 4.
90 V because the power supply usually emits so much.
I can get it up to 5 V, but I decided to lower it by 10 V because the full output of the \"12 V adapter\" is actually only about 11 v. 7 Volts.
You can now use your molex adapter to power the things you need, like optical drive, hard drive, or in my case, my hard drive grinder!
Be sure to insulate the voltage regulators and wires, or make sure they do not cause a short circuit in contact with each other.
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