The Biblical folklore concerning angelic beings

by:MKS     2020-07-02
When a religious Christian family has a loved one pass away, the cemetery monument will often depict the form of an angel to represent a godly presence guarding the soul of the deceased. Few people are aware of the complex description of angels in the Old Testament that was continued on into the New Testament; there must have been good reasoning that required more entities to excite the imaginations of the masses for the purpose of behavior modification - the basic purpose of religions throughout history. Young Catholics are taught that every person has a guardian angel, and this angel is often pictured on the grave marker to symbolize that the angel of heaven is watching over the soul of the family member buried there. Angels are defined as superior beings with souls but no bodies. There are passages in the Bible that state that angels are very numerous - thousands upon thousands of them with different ranks in dignity and power. They are organized into what are known as angelic choirs in different spheres, which became less numerous over the centuries. Angels are described as eternal with no human reproduction facilities but they are not to be worshipped. The Greek and Roman traditions had numerous gods with specialized roles and powers concerning life in those times. The goddess Ceres was in charge of agriculture, grain crops, and fertility and also formed a triad with the other two agricultural gods Liber and Libera known as the Aventine Triad. Rome had innumerable gods and goddesses, with six major deities and six minor deities; each god had a human priest known as a flamen as a representative to liaise with the population. Each flamen had a rank in accordance with the importance of the associated deity. The ancient Greek deities were structured in the same manner but with Greek names. The Roma god of strength Hercules was roughly equivalent to the Greek god Atlas, who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. The scientific community made extensive use of both Greek and Roman names when labeling metals, planets, elements, gasses, and liquids for classification. Whether the religion is Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam there are so many deities and holy beings that none of these systems can be defined as monotheistic. Merely combining them into trinities is similar to ordering a bundled cable TV package. The power of churches rests in the ability to convince their people that someone is always watching them, and one common denominator is that sex is left out of the picture to this day. All births of special prophets like Jesus or Mohammed have been virgin births and there is a pattern of violence against women and hatred of sexual activity. Modern religions keep this anti-female attitude institutionalized and some of the mental programming planted in childhood persists in the subconscious minds of even the most enlightened and liberated men. Moses told the people to pray to the Father only, the One true invisible God who will not share His glory with another. His name is Jealous says the Bible...only the Creator has the ability to hear and answer prayers. There are two Judges on Judgement Day however, the Messiah will be the first Judge then all souls will face the Great White Throne Judegement of Almighty God.
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