fci expands terminal block portfolio.

by:MKS     2020-03-03
PA Etters, November 11, 2010-(PR. com)--
FCI, a leading developer of connectors and interconnect systems, announced the expansion of the itsterminal block portfolio through new plug and socket configurations, all of which are ideal for industrial and instrument applications.
\"Terminal blocks have been around for years, but they are still powerful.
\"They are critical to many board designs,\" said Koos stedling, global product manager at FCI . \".
The FCI has a complete plug-and-plug terminal series, which plays an important role in the industrial and instrument market.
\"The expanded production line will provide a variety of new configurations including front screws, back of the key, under-contact plugs and 2-wall,45[degrees]-
Accessories such as angle, feeder socket and polarization key.
All configurations are available with or without crew-locking-side-flange feature. Green-
Color Plastic is standard color black, blue and gray plastic. Screw-
Slotted or Philips (cross-head)screw-
Types can now be provided, or product printing can be customized.
The entire FCI Terminal block range is up with a verified-cage-
Clip technology (liftsystem)
Ensure long service life and reliable connection.
In the process of continuing to strive to provide excellent customer service,
The website enables customers to find the product of their choice in three clicks.
It displays four main product categories by photo, and when one of the four photos is clicked, the user is directed to the product details in that category.
Immediately after selecting the product, the user is directed to a dedicated web page with all product details including specifications, customer drawings and 3D mechanical models.
Terminal Micro
The website provides direct access to product solutions for customers and provides downloadable information such as product manuals, catalogues, product training videos and online linksreference.
For more information about FCI Terminal blocks, please contact FCI at PA 825 Etters OldTrail Road 173199351; call 800-237-2374; e-Emailus@fci. com;
Or visit FCI on the website. fciconnect.
Com/terminal block.
FCI operates in 30 countries with annual sales of 0. 935 billion euros and is the leading manufacturer of connectors.
Our 12,000 employees are committed to providing customers with high
To provide high-quality and innovative products for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.
For more information: www. fci.
Com Contact Information: FCI Zach Linton 919-872-8172 zac.
Linton @ btbmarketing. com fci.
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