The alert raised by the flu has become fashionable

by:MKS     2020-07-21
The spread of influenza virus is a cause for concern. Taking this concern, they begin to proliferate sanitizing products or sanitizers. Should we use them? Despite its claimed advantages, disinfectants are not necessary if they wash their hands following WHO recommendations. Best wash your hand with soap and water * Wash hands with soap and water often. * Do this for at least 15 seconds. * Pat dry with paper towel. Only if you have access to a sink, can be a solution to use a sanitizing product or sanitizer. Sanitizing gels: efficient if they exceed the 60% alcohol In stores you can find two types: * Cosmetics, whose function is to clean and perfume. * Biocides, which have been shown to kill microbes and carry a registration number on the label. Hand Sanitizer of whatever kind is effective only if its alcohol content is above 60%: WHO advises up to 80%, and clarifies what the gels are less effective than liquids. Other disinfectants which can be used In addition to gels or liquids in the market you can find other cleaning products. * Wipes. They are less effective than washing with soap and water. In addition, another point against them is their high environmental impact. * Chlorine disinfectants. These products clean hands, but not necessarily kill the virus. * Antibacterial soaps. Effective to kill bacteria (not necessarily kill the virus), but their use is essential, and resort to them may eventually enhance bacterial resistance.
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