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by:MKS     2020-07-04
For more than 25 years, Heat-Line has been providing safe and energy efficient heating cable systems.The Kompensator low voltage heater cable system is just one of many innovative products that they have developed. Available in 12 volts and 24 volts, the Kompensator is a low voltage heater that is compatible with battery use, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Kompensator systems can be used off-grid and are compatible with various electrical systems. The systems can be used to freeze protect water supply pipes and other metallic and non-metallic pipes. When used in the transportation industry, Kompensator systems are capable of maintaining hydraulic and diesel oil viscosities in cold temperatures, minimizing stress while maximizing winter performance. Kompensator is also compatible with alternator systems used in transportation vehicles and can be directly connected without the use of inverters. As well, there are many uses for Kompensator in the mining industry and systems can be installed for off-grid (solar and wind) freeze-protection applications. These systems are ideal for applications such as small diameter hoses, appliance and comfort heating, condensate freeze protection, oil lines, hydraulic hoses, pumps and compressed air systems. Insulation and an optional thermostat can be added to the systems to optimize energy efficiency. With the current continental cold weather the company has reported more than 100 systems sold per week for water hauling trucks as far south as Missouri. The company is currently undergoing Zone 1 approvals so the system can be used to freeze protect the 1000's of off grid gas wells in the north with a newly developed wind turbine generator. 'We are always looking for ways to utilize our conductive-polymer heating cable technology in other freeze protection applications. We saw many applications, especially in the transportation sector, where 12 volt and 24 volt self regulating heating cables could be used to great advantage, so we decided to develop these low voltages heat cables. We are the only company to offer completely finished low voltage self regulating heat cable systems in both 12 volt and 24 volt applications. Our low voltage Kompensator systems are used extensively in a variety of transportation applications for railway and mass transit, trucks and transport tankers, fire department trucks and pumps, RVs and motor homes, just to name a few. We are especially pleased how it has helped rural fire departments in protecting their valuable firefighting equipment from freezing temperatures so that they can do their jobs protecting lives,' states Lorne Heise, President & CEO of Heat-Line Freeze Protect Systems. 'At Heat-Line, we have made a committed to ongoing research and the development of new products to enhance lifestyle in the most severe cold climates. Contact Information: Lorne Heise, President & CEO Heat-Line Freeze Protect Systems 1095 Green Lake Road Carnarvon ON K0M 1J0 Local: 705-754-4545 Toll Free: 800-584-4944 -- About Heat-Line: Heat-Line is a Canadian company offering an extensive line of innovative and energy efficient freeze protection products for home, cottage, commercial and industrial applications. Heat-Line specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced water pipe freeze protection systems using self-regulating technology. Heat-Line cable heat trace systems eliminate water line and pipe freezing. Inquiries for new application requirements are always welcome. For more information about Heat-Line and their many quality freeze protect products, including Kompensator, Paladin, Retro-Line, CARAPACE and ArcticVent, visit or call 1-800-584-4944.
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